Thursday, June 28, 2012

Blog Challenge Winners

Over the past term Grade 5/6 have participated in a blog challenge. They had to try and get as many of their friends and family to comment on our blog as possible. This was a good way to get more family members interested in and become apart of what we are doing at school. It was so great to see the enthusiasm of students and family members!

Yesterday was the day when our winners were announced. It was a close call and after some last minute comments, it was Kyla who won the prize for the most comments.

Kyla had many of her friends and family come to visit our blog and leave valuable comments. Kyla won some Smiggle Gel Pens, a $15 Smiggle voucher and a Guest Post Coupon for our blog. Congratulations Kyla!

As part of our challenge we also had a prize for the person who had someone from another country leave a comment on our blog. Congratualtions to Duarte and thank you to his uncle in Portugal for taking time to visit us and leave a comment. Duarte won some Smiggle products!

The blog challenge also encouraged many students in our class to become more interested in blogging. So many students took time to leave quality comments. It was great to see the improvements and developments being made in commenting skills. Campbell, Cheuk Yue and Vishal all exceeded Miss Spink's expectations in their development of their commenting skills and as a result each won a Guest Post Coupon for the blog!

A fantastic effort by everyone involved!

What did you like most about the blog challenge?

Do you have any advice for students who get to write a guest post?


  1. Hello everyone,

    I am Skye from Miss Jordan's class. I am in grade four. I love your blog!

    What a wonderful post! My class did a family blogging month, it was very fun getting your family members to blog and leave comments.

    I won the family blogging month when I was in Miss Jordan's class in grade two. I won chocolates, lollies, a voucher for a pizza place and I got to do a guest post on our class blog.

    I have got my own blog. I earned it in grade two. If you want to visit it the address is:

    From your blogging buddy,

    1. Hi Skye

      Thanks for saying that our post is wonderful! I didn't win the blog challange but I did win a Guest Post Coupon. Well done for getting your own blog. I don't have my owm blog(and I'm in grade 5!) so you must have put a lot of hard work into it. Most importantly though a very good job for winning your family bloging month!In our bloging challange I barley got 2 and those were mine!

      For your blogging buddy,
      Cheuk Yue Aitken Creek Primary School

    2. Hi Skye
      Thank you for coming on our blog and leaving a comment. One day i hope i will get my own blog.

      How is having your own blog?

      From Monifah

  2. Hello Miss Spink,

    The Thing I liked best about the blog challenge was that I could show my family and friends what our blog looks like what our class does and what a blog is. My advice for people who get to write a blog post is to post what you think is very important and things that you have interest in and doing.

    sincerely, Tatenda Aitken Creek P.S

    1. Nice Comment Tatenda.
      sincerely Can Aitken Creek P.S

  3. Dear Miss Spink,
    The thing i like about the blog challenge was i could show mum and dad what i do at school. The best thing in the blog challenge is that we can talk to others and to show your family what you can do at school/home.

    The advice i can gave to the grade 5 students are to maybe write about what they like or if they do a sport.

    From Monifah Home From Aitken Creek PS

    1. Hi Monifah,

      You also won a guest post but were not there to get your coupon.

      Hope your holiday is going great.

      Miss Spink

    2. Hi Miss Spink
      My holiday went great and we had so much fun. I am still thinking of what to do for the guest post and i am very happy.

      How did the better buddies day go?
      From Monifah Aitken Creek PS

  4. Hi Miss Spink,

    The topic I chose was 'Music' for my free coupon. I'm also pretty sure you saw my glogster page about the topic.
    Can't wait to get back to school!


    Kyla A.C.P.S

  5. Hi Vishal and Campbell,
    Great effort.I am pretty sure you would keep your achievement.
    Lance and Can A.C.P.S

  6. Hi miss Spink,

    The best thing I liked of the blog was being chalenged by other sudents and they could write a poster to their family and friends.

    regards from Duarte ACPS

  7. Dear Miss Spink,

    The best thing that we like about the blog challenge is that we get to involve people all around the world also for the people that were doing the blog post our advise is that just keep it intresting and long but still simple and the same time.

    Regards Chelsea, Esraa and Fatat