Thursday, August 16, 2012

Guest Post- Minecraft by Cheuk Yue

Minecraft is a game about surviving and adventure. You can have lots of fun but there is one thing you need to do first. Survive in this harsh world. If you keep dying on your first night then you have come to the right place! I’m going to teach you basic stuff about Minecraft you need to become a pro!

About Minecraft
Minecraft is a game where you basically try to survive. There are also these achievements to complete when you haven't got anything to do. There are these things out there called mods (or modifications) that changes or adds thing to the games. Minecraft is a type of game called a ‘sand box’ game. The creator of this game is Markus Alexej Persson or ‘Notch’. He made a company called Mojang which was specially made for updating and maintaining Minecraft. Unfortunately Notch is not developing the game any more.
Basic stuff
Here are all the things in Minecraft:

Here is the items tree in Minecraft

Here are all the blocks in Minecraft

From what I know these are all the mobs in Minecraft you should avoid:
·      Skeletons                         
·      Zombie
·      Slimes
·      Spiders
·      Cave spiders
·      Creeper

A guide on Minecraft

When you start out in Minecraft you start with nothing. Absolutely nothing. Now depending on where you start (or spawn) there should be some trees around you. If you can’t find any around you may need to walk around to find some. Once you find a tree approach it put your crosshair on one of the wood blocks. Left click on it to ‘mine’ the wood. Once you fully mine the wood a smaller version drops and you can collect it. When you collect it the item appears in your hot bar which is the bar where you can place blocks. When you mine your first wood blocks the tree above does not fall. Only a very few blocks in Minecraft obey the rules of gravity. 

Mine all the available wood from that tree. I suggest you mine all the wood from one or two more trees. Once you have enough wood open up your inventory. On the top left hand corner you have slots to put in your armour. Next to that is a representation of your character. You will notice that your character will follow where you mouse moves. On the top right hand corner there are these slots. Those slots are your basic crafting table. 

Now drag the wood into one of the slots and you will notice something in the output slot. You will notice that there is a number next to them. That’s how many there are in that slot. Now the output is wooden planks and you need them to craft basic things. Now drag all four of the wooden planks into the crafting table by right clicking. Now the output is a big crafting table.
 Now first we have to make a pickaxe. First make sticks like this

We make a pickaxe like this.

Make a house or dig a cave. Baddies spawn in the dark including your house if not lit! We usually light homes with torches.  Craft them like this:

(The black stuff is coal. To get coal just keep mining then you should find some)

You need a furnace. You really need one. To craft them: 

A furnace is like a crafting table. Here is it is interface:

That is about it. All you need to know about Minecraft to get you started! Good luck on what you plan next.

Useful Links:
For the Minecraft website
For more information
For forums go to
For a 2d version of the game
1.          Type into Google ‘mine blocks’
2.        Click on the first link    
3.        You’re now playing mine blocks

What is you favourite computer game?

Is there anything you can add?

What do you think about Minecraft?


  1. Dear Cheuk,

    My favourite computer game is sims because its your own vitual world and Esraa's favourite computer game is Fantage because you earn money and you chat with friends.We would like to know how to you defend the creatures (mobs) in minecraft? We think mindcraft is like a lego world that is very adventurous.

    Regards Cchelsea and Esraa

    1. Dear Chelsea and Esraa

      First of all it's 'Minecraft' not 'Mindcraft". I think you mean how to defend yourself in Minecraft. To defend your self you just need to hit the monster well.... with anything. Though it is a good idea to craft some weapons first and when available some armour. To defend other creatures stand next to them and hit the monsters or put a saddle on them and while riding hit any incoming monsters

      Cheuk Yue Aitken Creek P.S

    2. Dear Cheuk,

      Thankyou for correcting us Cheuk and at least now we know how to defend ourselfs from the "MOBS!"

      Regards Chelsea and esraa

  2. Dear cheuk

    You really got me wanting to play minecraft.It sounds like a good adventure game.My favourite computer game is Bloxors on Cool maths games because you have to use many strategies.

    I dont think I have anything to add because I've never played minecraft.I think I will enjoy minecraft when I play it but what is your favourite part of minecraft?

    Regards, Fatat;D

    1. Hi Fatat

      I think the best part of the game is The End. It's a place where the Ender Dragon spawns. You have to find a portal with the Eyes of Ender. Once found it needs more Eyes of Ender to open it. Then you jump in and try to defeat the Ender Dragon. I got to say it took me a few times to defeat that guy!

      Cheuk Yue Aitken Creek P.S

  3. Dear Cheuk,

    I love your post about Minecraft,now you got my intrested into this.
    My favourite computer game is subway surfers I play that on my computer.
    Uhh I cant really add anything to this but all I can say is that I only can make a house but now that I read this I know now how to play.
    I really do think that Minecraft is a fun game.
    Thank you cheuk for this post.
    Keep up the good work.

    From Ayla

  4. What a great summary. Many of the students at my school love Minecraft too and as I watch them play (Minecraft club at lunch times) I am amazed by the skills they show - they really work together to achieve goals and have to co-operate. They get so excited by things I don't understand - your post might help me get into it a bit better. Some of them have written blog posts too, I will show them your post as it is so well written and thought out

    Mrs Coffa

    1. Dear Mrs Coffa

      I really want to go to that school! I must be cool as.
      Is there anything else you want to know?
      Are there any other games you're school plays?

      Cheuk Yue Aitken Creek P.S

  5. Hi Cheuk Yue,
    I play starcraft2,I don't know to many thinks about MineCraft and I think MineCraft is curious for me I hope that one day I play with you Cheuk Yue! :)

    Best Wishes,


  6. Hey cheuk Yue,

    Your guest blog post is wonderful, Mine Craft is a really good game and with your help Im sure ill become a pro at the game. My favorite computer game is um well lets see there is Run and Probably Mine Craft now. i don't really have anything else to say you you pretty much covered everything I know and more. Mine Craft Can be a confusing game but as you get better and used to it it will be come more fun and interesting. Cheuk Your Blog Post is really cool,its fantastic and interesting you did a fabulous job keep up the great work.

    Best Wishes For the future,
    Kind regards Tatenda ACPS

  7. Thanks for the post, i'm just going to ask how to you get to the ender dragon?? Thanks But. Talk soon!! - Mitchell Reply, Edmodo

    1. Hi Mitchell

      To get to the End you need the Eyes of Ender. Get Blaze powder and Ender pearls. On the crafting table put the Blaze powder below the Ender pearls (or the other way around?)Once crafted go outside and throw them. They may shatter so make spares. When a the Eyes of Ender land beneath it there should be a End portal somewhere. You need more Eyes of Ender to unlock the portal. When unlocked put a bed next to it for respawning. When you get inside you may be on a block of obsidian or on a island of it. When battling have enchanted armour and swords made from diamonds. Have 3 stack of arrows an enchanted bow and a minecart for storage. When fighting destroy the Ender Crystals since they recharge the dragon's health. Fire a bunch of arrows at it until it is coming for you. When it's close enough do a critical hit to it's head. Repeat as often as possible. When killed it will spawn the return portal to the overworld. There is a dragon egg on top of the portal. You can do nothing with it except place it (that's good cause you would not want it spawning again in the overworld!)After you killed the Ender Dragon if you want to you go back to the End and do a Endermen rampage (repeat as often a possible to get a tonne of expectants though you already got 20,000 from the Ender Dragon!) Good luck!

      Cheuk Yue Aitken Creek P.S

  8. Dear Cheuk Yue,

    I really like your blog and it gives me a good description to playing minecraft. I wonder if you can tell me how the pocket version in the Iphone, Ipod and I pad works?

    from Vishal Aitken Creek P.S

    1. Dear Vishal

      From what I know in the pocket version you can't craft stuff and there are only zombies.That's for the free version. I don't know anything about the full pocket version except for that it cost $8.

      Cheuk Yue Aitken Creek P.S

  9. Heyy Cheuk,
    My favourite computer games is the Sims 3. I have all of them. The only thing I really do is play the sims. I don't think I can add anything about minecraft because I have never heard of it. I think minecraft sounds like a great game. I don't think it is a game that I would be interested in playing though.

    Talk to you soon :)
    Makeelly ACPS

  10. Hi Cheuk,
    Your post was very interesting and informative. We haven't played Minecraft before but we would love to give it a go when we have a chance.
    Kyla: The games I play on the internet are:
    and some more.
    Celine: I don't really play games on the internet because I'm either to busy or doing homework.
    There isn't really anything you need to change in your post.
    It's great!
    I think minecraft looks compicated but if I started I think I'd get the hang of it.
    I think Mineraft is a game that could get a bit addictive even though I haven't played it yet. (not allowed to download it.)
    Thank you for sharing information with us.

    Kyla & Celine

    1. Hi Kyla & Celine,

      Your Blog was great and interesting on what you play at home we don't play minecraft. But I would like to play the game to.


      Monifah and Sheree

    2. Hi Kyla & Celine

      I think you should play Mineblocks. It's just a 2d version of it and you can download it. On the website were mineblocks is there are also a bunch of games you can play. The contrals of mineblocks are A to move left, D top move right, space or W to jump and S to sneak. Hope you have fun!

      Cheuk Yue Aitken Creek P.S

    3. Hey Kyla and Celine,
      I play some of the games you play aswell Kyla. I dont really think minedcraft is a game that I would play. I think I will stick with the sims. I don't need to be addicted to another game :)

      regards, Makeelly :)

  11. Hi Cheuk,

    Check you did a greet jod on your minecraft you sheed pot more stuff on your minecraft and blog.

    By Lance and Aaron

  12. Hi cheuk,

    Cheuk you did a greet jod,a few days ago I was playing minecraft it was interesting about it it was'nt so bad it was good.

    from Yousif,

  13. Dear Cheuk Yue,

    I think that Minecraft is a really popular game and I also like it ive played it a lot but now i dont play it that much.And my favourite computer game is Icy tower.

    From Can A.C.P.S

  14. Hello Cheuk!

    Congratulations on your blog post,since 'Minecraft' is so popular (I am just guessing that it is popular) I will be going on to the website and I will check what it is like, but I am sure that I will be playing. My favourite online games are the Sims and Small Worlds, Moden girl, My Town 2 and many more games but these games are just some of my top thousand games and yeah you get it.

  15. Hello Cheuk Yue,

    I have seen this game before but I never played this game before, I only play zombies games and sword games. How much enemy's is on the game?

    best wishes

  16. What a fantastic explanation Cheuk! I tried playing minecraft once but it was so confusing I had to give up. I was buried underground for days! I think I'll have to give it another go now that I've read your explanation of how to play. Well done!
    Mrs Fintelman

    1. Hi Mrs Fintlman

      Putting yourself underground is a good idea if you think you will not get to your house in time. If you venture out always carry at least thses things.
      You can also get a bed since it passes time faster and might stop some hostile mobs from spawning. Good luck!

      Cheuk Yue Aitken Creek P.S

  17. Dear Cheuk Yue

    congratulations Cheuk Yue for getting over one thousand views. I think Mine Craft is not fun I don't like it, but anyway good on you for getting over 1000 views.

    Regards Ramy

  18. Hello Cheuk Yue,

    I think you did a great job on your MineCraft post, congratulations.
    I don't really like this game.

    Regards Duarte

  19. Hi Cheuk yue.

    You are getting me into the game but I am into ps3 or something like that.

    What is your favorite weapon that you like to use?

    from Stavro

  20. Dear Cheuk,
    Think you for making the Minecraft post.

    ACPS. Aaron

  21. HI CHeuk

    i think you did a great jop on your mine Craft.

    by Lance

  22. Hi Cheuk,

    Looks like your Minecraft Blog has gone POPULAR!! Congratulations.I can not believe how many people have commented on your blog AWESOME.I guess heaps of people like Minecraft like you.

    from Sevgi

  23. Hi Cheuk
    My favorite game is adventure qeust,lord of the ring even hacked cheat games.:):) and Cheuk I don't know how to add?. minecraft is cool because destroying zombies even deafeating the boss:(

    From Ben

  24. Dear Cheuk Yue,
    My favourite game is world of warcraft. Minecraft is still one of my favourite game it is really addicting.And there is nothing i can add.

    From Can A.C.P.S

  25. Hey Cheuk
    look like I really want to play Minecraft! and heaps of people like to play minecraft:D and Cheuk my favorite games is clone wars adventure!!! and Cheuk I think minecraft is adventoures,fun and destoying monsters!!:D Cheuck how do you download mminecraft (:[
    by Ben ACPS

  26. Hi Cheuk Yue,
    My favourite computer game is Driving Simulator.It has addicting things.And MineCraft is building and fun game.
    What is your favourite thing that you woud like to use in Minecraft?

    From Jatin A.C.P.S

    1. Dear Jatin

      As a minecraft addict and a very experienced payer my favrorite thing are diamonds! In one of my worlds I have diamond armour,swords and tools. With diamond I can make a enchartment table which allows me to upgrade my stuff. It is pretty awesome. I must also say for anyone who reads this, the new Redstone Update is coming January 2013. The other thing is that Mineblocks 2 is in beta stage so it should be out in a while.

      Cheuk Yue Aitken Creek PS