Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Being a Better Buddy!

Better Buddies is an initiative of The Alannah and Madeline Foundation designed to create friendly and caring school communities where bullying is reduced. As part of this program each class at Aitken Creek has been given a buddy class and each student has been paired up with a buddy in that class. Our buddy class is P/1 B with Miss Markidis.

Over the past few weeks we have been involved in different activities to learn how to be a good buddy and promote friendly and caring attitudes across our school.

We attended a Better Buddies Game Day with players from the Richmond Tigers to learn some games that we could teach to and play with our younger buddies. It was great getting to meet some Tigers players and learn some fun games. We followed this up by having our own games day at school. It was great fun and we are proud of being able to be responsible role models for the younger students in our school.You can read more about the day on The Alannah and Madeline Foundation website.


On Friday 1st June it was National Buddy Day. To celebrate national buddy day we did a special activity with our buddies to help them remember how to brush their teeth properly.


As well as being 'Better Buddies' with P/1 B we have also connected with some other classes across the school. We regularly catch up with Miss Canals and P/1 A for some buddy reading sessions and today we even helped Mrs Fraser teach P A about left and right by teaching them a dance.

We think creating a school culture of 'Better Buddies' is fantastic! 

What is the best thing about being a buddy?

What are two things you would like to teach your buddy? 

Why do you think being a buddy is important? 


  1. Oh wow! What a great BUDDY program. I was wondering what advice the children could offer to other kids who would like to be a buddy but are a bit shy. From Miss Meldrum.

    1. To Miss Meldrum,

      The advice we can give is to put older children with little children so they get to know each other.

      Does your school do better buddies?

      Monifah and Amar from Aitken Creek PS

  2. Hello 5/6’s,

    I have had the pleasure of watching the Better Buddy program unfold and I must say you should all be very proud of your attitudes and efforts to help your buddies feel comfortable and learn what it means to help a friend.

    I wondered if anyone had any ideas of things that could be done with your buddies during lunch and recess to reinforce the buddy program?

    Kind regards, Mrs Wade (Education Support ACPS)

  3. Hi 5/6's,

    Your Better Buddy program sounds like you are all having lots of fun!

    What has been the best thing you have learnt about being a better buddy?

    From Jess (Miss Spink's Friend)

    1. Hi Jess,

      Being a better buddy is a big Responsibility and taching younger kids who to do thing is hard and its even harder when the young kids are not listening.

      From Vishal Aitken Creek P.S

  4. To Miss Spink,
    The best thing about being a buddy is that we can look after them and be great role models for our school. The two things we would like to teach our buddies is to play jack says and tunnel ball. Being buddies is important because kids get to know each other better and get to be friends.
    Could we take our buddies and play games with them?

    From Monifah and Amar from 56A at Aitken Creek Primary School

  5. To 5/6 A
    I like looking through the blog the kids are doing such a amazing job its so great to see the older kids looking after the young ones :) great work guys xo

    From Jacqui ( monifah mcqueen sandersons mum )

    1. Hi Jacqui,

      You are officially our first parent from grade 5/6 to comment on our blog! Thanks! We are very excited to share our learning and we hope to see you back here checking out our amazing work on a regular basis!

      Thanks again!

      Miss Spink

    2. To Mum,

      Thank you for looking at our blog and if you could get more people that would be great. Thank you for doing a comment on our blog.

      What was your favourite topic on our blog?

      From you daughter Monifah

  6. Dear Miss Spink and grade 5/6,
    It was really wonderful to read about your participation in the better buddy program. I hope when my daughter goes to school next year that she has as good a buddy as you guys, keep up the great work! Do you guys have any ideas on how to improve the buddy program any more???
    Have a blast at school from Miss Spinks favorite cousin Missy in Juneevegas!!!!!!!

  7. Hi Miss Spink and 5/6 A,

    It is so good to see great models in our school.
    Hope you all are enjoying the Better Buddy program and sharing all your games and skills with your buddies.
    Prep/1 A and I love doing buddy reading with you.
    Maybe you could give us some advice to make us expert readers.
    We also need to show you our bugs we are so excited to show you.
    Do you think you could come down to our classroom next time so we can show you where we learn?

    See you around
    Miss Canals and Prep/1 A
    P.S. Go Blues!!!!!!!

    1. Hello Miss Canals,
      It is Makeelly, Thanks for replying to our blog. I think Miss Spink got your point though.
      I am enjoying the better buddies program and the rest of the class are as well I assume.
      I loved doing reading with Prep/1 A and I loved the book Guess How Much I Love You. Your class are one of the best classes I have seen.
      My advice to you to become expert reader's is to always use your imagination. Your pictures in your head will go way further then the pictures in the book. Always re-read twice if you don't get what you just read. This will help you to take the first steps of being and expert reader.
      Of course we could come down to your class and have a look at what you guys are learning about. Only if you promise to never go for Carlton ;)

      Hopefully see you very soon. :)

      Makeelly 5/6A
      P.S. GO THE CATS !!!!!!

    2. Dear Miss Canals and Prep/1A

      Thank you for commenting on our blog. We love doing buddy reading with you too. Hopefully we can come down and have a look at your bugs I hope we can get Miss Spink to hold the bugs again it is so funny last time. I would like to say thank you again.
      See you soon

      By Campbell
      P.S. GO LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Hi Makeelly,

      Thanks for replying to my comment.

      We love the Better Buddies Program too! Do you enjoy doing all the different activities with your buddy?

      I have 4 more Guess How Much I Love You books that are about seasons so Prep / 1 A should come down and read them with you all.

      Finally, please tell me your buddies name and your favourite thing about your buddy.

      Thanks for all the advice on becoming an expert reader, sounds like you are an expert!!

      See you around.

      From Miss Canals.

      P.S. Hi Miss Spink, can't wait to see todays riddle! I love hearing about them.

  8. Hi Miss Spink and 5/6 A,

    Great to read about you all being involved in the Better Buddy Program. I was just wondering which Richmond footballers came to visit? It’s a shame the Collingwood footballers couldn’t attend, but I bet you still learnt lots of new skills and had a lot of fun.
    Keep up the good work and continue to be great role models.

    From Catherine (Miss Canals’ Friend)

  9. Hello Miss Spink and 5/6 A,

    Fantastic to see the Better Buddy program in your school and all the fun activities you are doing with your buddies.

    Really love the “Brushing your teeth” song – it’s very catchy and I think I have the hang of it.

    Have fun with your buddies and remember to always smile – because smiles and manners are free!

    Also be extra nice to Miss Canals!!!!!!! :)

    Linda Canals (Miss Canals’ mum)

  10. Hi it’s Elysse and Chelsea here,

    It is excellent to see us grade 5's interacting with younger children.
    The best thing about being a buddy is sharing our experiences with them and being a great role model to them. The two things we would like to teach our buddy is to be confident and enthusiastic with others and for them to improve with their reading skills. Being a buddy is important because we would take care of them and to prove that we are responsible.

    Regards Elysse and Chelsea :)

    1. Hi Elysse and Chelsea,

      I really like your thoughts about teaching your buddies to be confident and enthusiastic with others. I noticed when we were dancing the other day, some of the preps were a little shy. It is excellent knowing that there are students like you who are willing to help and offer so much for the younger students!

      Keep up the excellent work,

      Miss Spink

  11. Hello Miss Spink,

    This is Esraa I really enjoyed buddy reading with preps and also the dance with P A, it was awesome.

    The best thing about being a buddy is you get to look after them and get a chance to know what they are like.

    From Esraa

    1. Hi Esraa,

      I am so glad you enjoy the buddy reading and dancing!

      I think you are doing a fantastic job of being a buddy!

      From Miss Spink

  12. Hi Miss Spink

    Hello its Fatat here
    I just wanted you to know that I loved having buddy day and I think the best thing about being a buddy is sharing, being help full, using manners and getting along. The two things I want to teach my buddy is being creative and if you get something wrong keep trying and don’t give up. I think to be a good buddy I should care for my buddy; I should have fun and get along with my buddy. I just wanted to tell you that I wish we could have buddy day again and that I know if you don’t make your buddy feel safe and comfortable they would feel that not in good hands.

    By Fatat :D

    1. Hi Fatat,

      I love your ideas about what you want to teach your buddy! It is very important to make them feel safe and comfortable at school. I think it is really important to not give up and keep trying even if you get things wrong, this is a skill I know you are very good at!

      Thanks for sharing your ideas!


      Miss Spink

    2. Thanks Miss Spink

      From Fatat

  13. Hey there monifah and Miss Spink ,
    I enjoyed watching it all its so great to see you older kiddies in the school working so well with the younger kiddies .
    I have to say Princess Rhee loves the teeth brushing one :)
    Ill be back to check out more work , I actually enjoyed it .
    I think these blogs are a great idea its a way for parents and family to keep up . Keep up the great work guys its awesome :)
    jacqui ( monifahs mum :) )

  14. To dear 5/6 A,
    Looking through a your blogs it looks as though you are all kept busy learning, but having fun at the same time. Looks awesome. I particularly like the blog about the buddies. I think this is a GREAT initiative, bringing students together and reducing bullying. Great work kids.

    Suzanne Wynn ( friend of Monifah McQueen Sanderson)

  15. Hello miss Spink

    I hope your students are having fun with their buddies. I hope your students try to have a good time. I loved the dance you and your students sang and danced to. I hope they all get along with each other.

    By Zeinab (fatats mum)

  16. Hello miss Spink

    I had a lot of reading with your class. I wish i could read with your class again.;)

    By Hana (fatats sister)

  17. Hi Campbell,

    I loved the games day with Cody my buddy, I hope you loved it too. Who is your buddy?

    I hope you had a good time buddy reading with your partner, when we came down to read.
    I hope we can be buddy readers together one time.

    From Jonty Prep/1 A

    1. Hi Jonty

      Thank you for commenting for me. Hopefully you can write a comment every night.
      I did have a good time on games day. Hasheen is my buddy.

      From Campbell

    2. Hi Campbell,

      I've met Hasheen before, when we have done activities with Miss Markidis' class.

      I think the Buddy Program is lots of fun. Did you have fun planting with your buddy?

      From Jonty

    3. To Jonty

      I actully have two buddies Jacob and Hasheen. I did have fun planting with my buddy did you have fun? Did you learn anything? Hopefully you can come and scare Miss Spink soon.

      From Campbell

  18. Hi Campbell,

    Being a buddy is cool because you get to teach your buddy games and you get to play games with them and take care of them and how cool is the hand shake. What do you like doing with your buddy?

    From Tea' Campbells sister

  19. Hi 5/6,
    It's great to see all of you enjoying your time with your buddies!!
    How does it feel to have the responsibility of teaching and looking after your buddy?

    Love the blog!!!


    Farhood Ellahiyoun ( Kyla's dad )

  20. Dear Miss Spink and 56A,

    This is Michael, Mrs Banfield's son. I am 9 years old, I like your buddy ideas. I loved your buddy dance, I thought it was cute, you all did a good job. I would like to try them with some of our buddies at our school. We don't do anything like that.

    It looks like fun and you did a very good job of it.

    From Michael (Mrs Banfields son)

    1. Hi Michael,

      Thanks so much for visiting our blog and leaving us a comment. It is lovely to hear from you since your mum has told me so much about you!

      I am glad you liked our buddy ideas. Maybe you could talk to your teacher or your student representative council about having buddies. It really is a lot of fun and both the younger and older students learn a lot of valuable skills.

      I hope you come back and visit our blog again!


      Miss Spink

  21. Hello everybody,
    Makeelly here. The best thing about being a buddy is that you always no you are there for someone. Having a buddy mostly gets you out of a lot of trouble. This is because you no you can’t be silly because your buddy will follow.
    The 2 things I would like to teach my buddy is:
    • Always listen to the teacher and this will keep you out of a lot of trouble
    • Never copy anybody that is doing silly things. If you copy someone who is being silly, you are going to get in trouble as well as the person you copied

    I think being a buddy is important because littler kids then you like preps, need someone to look out for them and be there for them while they are at school.


    1. Hi Makeelly,

      I think what you are trying to say is that you need to be a good role model!

      I like your ideas of what you want to teach your buddy. It is important to listen to teachers as well as other students. Sometimes people do copy others when they are being silly and they need to learn that this is not appropriate.

      I think it is great that you want to look out for your buddy! You are doing a great job.

      Keep it up,

      Miss Spink

  22. Hi there Miss Spink , Monifah Sanderson Mcqueen and all of 5/6 A
    It is so great being able to see the kids interact with their buddies and for the little preps to have that older person in the school to look up to.
    I enjoyed seeing how and what your class have been up too keep up the good work all of you .
    from Barbara Mcqueen (Monifah Sanderson Mcqueen's nanna )

  23. Hi 5/6 and Miss Spink,
    Love to see everybody having fun with their buddies, looks like a lot of responsibility. What activities have you guys been doing with your buddies?


    Daniel (Kyla's cousin)

  24. Hi

    Your better buddy program is an awesome way to get to know your buddy. I remember when i was in grade six like Tatenda we did something similar to what you guys do.

    From Tafadzwa (Tatenda's Brother)

  25. Hello Miss Spink and 5/6

    i am really happy to have your class as our buddy grade i have a lot of fun being buddy grads with you.

    from Tadiwa (Tatenda's Brother)

  26. Hi

    I think that your better buddy program is a really good thing to do with your buddy because you really get to know your buddy

    Bye Tyler (Tatenda's Next Door Neighbor)

  27. Hey

    Your better buddy program wonderful way to know your buddy so your little buddy has someone to look up to.

    Regards Emily (Tatenda's Neighbor)

  28. Hello

    my name is shaelee being an older buddy is important so your buddy can have someone to look up to but remember to always do the right thing in front of your buddy

    Bye Shaelee (Tatenda's Friend)

  29. Hello

    Being an older buddy is cool to have some little kid next to you and having to look after them is a grate responsibility and it should be really fun.

    Tugce Tatenda's Friend

  30. Hey,

    Being a buddy is really cool and fun because at my school we really dont do much about it and i would love to.

    Dilhan (Tatenda's Friend)

  31. hello

    I want to have a buddy it looks really fun.


    Kaan (Tatenda's Friend)

  32. Hi Guys,

    I really miss being in grade 6 it was really fun having a buddy

    Kind Regards,

    Carly (Tatenda's Friend)

  33. Hello I Reallt Miss My Better Buddies With Cindy And Tanaush

    From Adison ACPS VIC