Friday, July 27, 2012

Digestive System

Today we conducted an experiment to see how our body digests food.

We used cooking ingredients to demonstrate how food goes into our mouth, passes through our stomach, small intestine, large intestine and finally turning into waste and exiting the body.


This is how your digestive system works-

Here is a video of pictures and some footage of our experiment-

More information about our experiment can be found on our 'How Do Living Things Work?' website.

Why is the digestive system important?

What are two new things you learnt from conducting the experiment?

What was your favourite part of the experiment and why? 


  1. Dear Grade 4,5,6

    What an interesting post! I found the first video to be very educational - as I'm sure you all did. What an opportunity you all had then in 'making poo'. It really did look like the ingredients were going through the four stages in the digestive process.

    It sure looked revolting as you were squeezing it out of the bag. I had an idea that you'd be eating it at the end - and you did! Congratulations, you brave people (although I suspect it was chocolatey and yum)!

    I bet this was an experiment that you'll remember for the rest of your life. What was the biggest thing you learnt through doing this experiment?

    Your blogging friend
    Miss McLeod

    1. Dear Miss McLeod,
      Thank you Miss McLeod for taking your time to have a good look at our class blog.

      It was a very good interesting experiment to do all together as a class.

      The most exciting thing we learnt was how our body digestes our food. It was good when we got to mix it together.

      What is your favourite stage of making poo?

      From Monifah, Amar and Duarte.

  2. Hi miss McLeod

    The biggest thing I learnt from this expirement is how the food travels in our body and what happens to the food you eat.

    I enjoyed making that experiment and I hope one day we can do it with your class aswell.

    By Fatat

  3. To Miss McLeod,

    The biggest thing I have learnt through the experiment was how the food in our body traveled.

    And what happens to the food as it traveles inside our body.

    From:Sevgi Aitken creek ps

  4. Dear Miss Mcleod,

    Yes it was a great opportunity to make 'poo'. We learn't lot's of things about the digestive system. It tasted chocolately and crunchy it was yum but is looked really discusting. Yes it looked revolting when people squeezed the bag. When we lefted the staffroom and went back to our classroom our teacher told us to get our lunch but nobody wanted to eat thier lunch because the poo ruined our appetite.

    Regards Chelsea and Esraa

  5. Dear Miss McLeod,

    Thank you for responding to our blog post we really appreciate it and we had alot off fun doing the experiment.

    We learnt alot from this experiment. We learnt how food travels through our body. How poo is made. We can now explain how the digestive system works.

    Firstly, you put food in your mouth, you crunch it with you teeth and saliva, then it then goes down to your stomach, which then breaks it down into smaller peices. From your stomach it goes to your smaller intestine. Then it goes into your large intestine which makes the poo. Then it comes out of your rectum.

    Would this be something you would like to do with your students? Because we found the experiment to be fun.


    Stavro, Lance, Aaron, Yousif, Ramy and Adison.
    Grade 5,6 Aitken Creek Primary School

  6. Dear 56

    Hi I really like the poo you made and I hope one day you can teach me how to do it.


  7. Hi grade 5/6,

    Your poo experiment was really gross and disgusting.

    From Kisa Aitken Creek P.S, Room 9

  8. Hello Grade 5/6,
    I really didnt have a favorite part because it was really disgusting.I hope we never do it again..
    From Can,Aitken Creek P.S

  9. Hi Miss Spink,
    The digestive system is important because without it we would not get the nutrients we need from food, we would also be hungry all the time.The two new things that I learnt from this experiment is that we have tiny fingers in are small intestine to get the nutrients we need. I also learnt that our stomach acid is quite harmfull.My favourite part of the experiment was eating the poo because the poo was chocolaty and good.

    Regards,Celine ACPS

  10. Dear Miss Spink,

    We really think that digestive system is really Important because with out It we couldn't eat anything and we would be very hungry.

    From Adison And Yousif

  11. I'm not sure if anyone still sees these comments or not, but I would love to do this experiment with my students. How do you make your "edible poo"?

  12. Hi Joanna,

    I just used a modified chocolate truffle recipe...crushed biscuits, cocoa powder, coconut, condensed milk and mini marshmallows...we added ingredients at each stage and the condensed milk acted as our 'stomach acids'.

    Hope that helps,