Thursday, March 15, 2012

1:1 Netbooks Day 1

After much anticipation and excitement over the past few weeks, students in years 3-6 who opted into our netbook program were finally given their computers! It was a very busy day as all students were excited to get on and personalise their machines and see what they could do.

We set up a OneNote notebook to keep all of our school work we complete on the netbooks in one safe place. We created folders for each term and for our different subjects. This term we have folders set up for Reading, Writing, Word Work, Maths and Inquiry.  As a first activity to help us get used to our netbooks and using OneNote we added our spelling words to our Word Work folder and wrote them in interesting sentences. After that we were able to video or audio record ourselves reading the sentences. We thought it was great.

During the day we also got to use the netbooks in Maths to go on Mathletics and one group made a fraction wall in Microsoft Word.

We can't wait to keep learning with our netbooks!

What are you looking forward to with your netbook?
How do you think it will help you at school and at home?
What is your favourite thing about having a netbook so far?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mcdonalds is junk food and should be banned!

This term we have been learning about writing persausive texts. This week we have been concentrating on planning our arguments and writing a convincing opening statement.

An opening statement must get the readers attention and is where you state your opinion on the topic.

Our topic this week is- 'McDonalds is junk food and should be banned'.

Today we rewrote our opening statements from yesterday to make them more convincing and interesting!

Here is Makeelly's original statement-
And here is today's effort-
Which one do you think is more convincing and gets the readers attention?

Here are some other examples of opening statements by Campbell and Mustafa-

We hope you are persauded to read more!

Why is an opening statement important?

What is some language devices or sentence starters you could use in an opening statement?