Saturday, June 23, 2012

Why do we blog?

In Grade 5/6 we think blogging is very important. There are many reasons why we have a class blog and the diagram below outlines what we think are the most important reasons.

Since starting our blog at the beginning of this year we have had many visitors. This week we reached our first 1000 visitors. What an achievement!

It is also important to note that our work is being shared with an authentic global audience made up of other schools, teachers, students and community members. Our blog has been visited by 25 countries. How exciting!

It is really exciting when we get comments from other countries and even other places across Australia. Here we had posts from another Grade 6 class from Cranbourne East PS and another from Taradale Intermediate School which is in New Zealand!

What makes blogging even more special in our grade is when we get comments from our family and friends. This shows us that people care about and are interested in what we do at school! As our Term 2 blogging challenge continues, it has been very exciting to read comments from our parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. There are only 4 days left until the challenge ends and anyone could win!


If you would like some more information about blogs- check out this Brainpop video-

What do you like best about having a class blog?

How does having a class blog help your learning? 


  1. Dear Miss Spink,
    We blog because we want everybody to know what we get up to in class and how easy it is to get the whole class together to right something about our day.

    I believe we make connection to get a better understanding of the book. This could also get you thinking about something that you have done, heard or seen that the text or video has showed.

    Thanks, Bye for now,
    From Makelly ACPS

    1. Hello Makeelly,

      I am glad you are enjoying the blog. It is great to see you becoming a regular contributor! :-)

      Miss Spink

  2. Hi Miss Spink,

    What I like best about having a class blog is that we have something that the whole class can do together and we all have fun doing it.
    Having a class blog helps our learning by teaching us how to blog and how to write a blog comment and what a good blog comment is.

    Kind Regards, Tatenda

    1. Hi Tatenda,

      So glad you are enjoying it. Keep up the great commenting!

      Miss Spink

  3. Hi Miss Spink,

    Having a class blog helps me develops my ICT skills and improves my communication with others.
    Commenting and replying to other who have commented in our blog is fun and enjoyable.

    From Vishal Aitken Creek P.S

    1. Hi Vishal,

      Great to see you becoming a regular contributor to our class blog. I am grateful for your enthusiasm and know that you are encouraging others to get on board! Take a look at my comment to Campbell, I know you would be able to produce a quality blog of your own if you were interested.

      Maybe that is something you may like to work towards?

      Keep up the great work.

      Miss Spink

  4. To Miss Spink

    I like having a class blog because I can talk to my friends out of class and school. I think having a class blog can help our learning because it helps with your spelling and punctuation it can also help because if you don't know what to work on while you are reading you go on the blog and see what to work on. Is there anybody that is ready for a blog?

    From Campbell5/6A ACPS

    1. Hi Campbell,

      I like your ideas about how our blog is helping your learning.

      To earn your own blog there are many things you have to do. I think you are getting close but there are some things off this list you may need to do. Do you know where you could improve more?

      -Write quality comments on our class blog on a regular basis.
      -Reply to comments on our class blog regularly.
      -Show interest in other class and student blogs.
      -Understand cyber safety / netiquette when commenting and using the internet.
      -Show enthusiasm for learning about blogging.
      -Assist Miss Spink with writing class blog posts.
      -Write a guest post on our class blog.
      -Permission and support from family.

      Do you know where you could improve more?

      From Miss Spink

  5. Hello Year 5/6,

    Congratulations on passing 1000 visitors to your blog. I can see you have also had 25 different countries visit. It’s impressive when we start a blog and see there are people out there who take the time

    One of the keys to success for any blog is having regular, interesting posts to keep viewers coming back and sharing your links. By your graphic, I can see you know the benefits for the blogger.

    I no longer have a class of my own but I know I would have been blogging with them if I had. I first started using computers in class in 1981 but started with computers in 1975. It would have been a natural progression for me to blog with my class had that been available.

    Personally, I have five blogs and a website. I find them excellent ways of sharing with others. I’ve now been blogging for just over a year and have been surprised by the number of visitors to some of the blogs.

    Thank you for sharing your reasons for blogging. They made me think about why I have come to love blogging and commenting on blogs. :)

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

    1. Hello Ross,

      Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to look at and leave a comment on our blog. Thanks for your advice on how to keep our readers interested. We are trying to update our posts every couple of days.

      Could we just ask, how do you find the time to comment on our blog and all the others? Also we would love to have a look at your website. Could you please give us the name of your website?

      Thanks again,
      From Makeelly and Chelsea :) ACPS

  6. Hi Miss Spink,
    Great job on the blog it looks fabulous. The best thing about having a class blog is that we can show off all the great work we have done in class.We also get to communicate to others using technology. Having a class blog helps me with grammar typing and communication with others.Has blogging helped you in any way?

    from celine:)

    1. Hi Celine,

      I am glad you are enjoying our class blog and I really like your ideas about how blogging helps your learning.

      Blogging has helped me in many ways. I have my own blog- Where I blog about using technology as a teacher.

      It has helped me to become more aware of things I do in the classroom and allows me to communicate and learn from other teachers.

      From Miss Spink

    2. Hi Miss Spink

      Thanks for replying to me I wouldn't of know that blogging was so involved in our classroom.

      from celine

  7. Hi Miss Spink

    Firstly thanks for giving our class an awesome blog! You're the best person for this type social learning. You’re making it all fun for us.

    The best thing about a class blog is that it gives people the opportunity to talk to us and share there and our learning. Through this blog we can communicate to the outside world in a safe environment.

    A class blog can be very educational because it shares our learning with other people which can extend our learning to new heights.

    From Cheuk Yue Aitken Creek Primary School

    1. Hi Cheuk Yue,

      I am so glad you think that the blog is fun and that you enjoy sharing your learning and communicating with others.

      It is great to see you writing quality comments!


      Miss Spink

  8. Hi Miss Spink,

    The reason I believe we all enjoy blogging is because we all have you,our wonderful teacher Miss Spink. Everyone in our class loves commenting because you make it challenging for all of us as well as enjoyable. Blogging means alot to me and many others around the globe, it helps us with:
    Learning new subjects
    Our Netiquette Skills
    and many more,
    but mostly, to help us develope new skills to make us digital citizens!
    This specific blog is made for others as well as ourselves, to make sure we're improving and achieving all our goals.
    I'll keep commenting! = )


    Kyla ( At home )

    1. Hi Kyla,

      I am glad having a blog means a lot to you and you can see how it helps you with many areas of learning.

      I am happy you have become a regular and valuable contributor to our blog!

      Keep up the great work.

      Miss Spink

  9. Hi Miss Spink,

    The thing I like about the blog is that I can tell my family what we do at school.

    The blog help us to us think back to what we have done from the start of the year to now.

    From Amar and Monifah

  10. Hi Miss Spink,

    I can't believe that we have had 1000 visitors and some of them are from 25 diffrent countries. Its great fun replying to everyone and I enjoy doing it as well.

    From Vishal Aitken Creek P.S

  11. Did you know what this game is about i like this game because it's nice to play

    From Adison

    1. Hi adison

      Can you tell us what is the game called?
      Regards from duarte and yousif.

  12. Hi Miss Spink

    Im really happy we have a blog it means alot to me.My favourite thing about the class blog is that I get to talk to other people all around the world.Having a class blog helps me learn by using puncuation, getting along with others and sharing ideas with people all around the world.

    Regards Fatat

  13. Hello Miss Spink,

    First of all I would like to say that thank you so so much for letting us have a FANTASTIC! blog!,it makes me so happy also I am hoping that we get more than 1000! people checking out our blog.

    The best thing about this class blog is that it gives everyone the opportunity to communicate to others on the blog sharing our ideas and having fun with everyone!

    From Sevgi A.C.P.S :D :D :D

    1. Hi Sevgi
      It is great that we have 1000! Hopefully we get more in the next 2 terms and i know we will. Miss Spink has made the blog graet she has put lots of great things in it.

      What is your favorate post on the blog?

      From Monifah ACPS

  14. Dear Miss Spink,

    The best thing about having a blog is that we can join the conversation. The blog helps us by delvoping our converdence by putting our exellent work on the blog and getting people to put their positive adivce which will make us feel proud and also make us feel good about our selfs.

    Regards Elysse and Chelsea:D

  15. Hi Miss Spink,

    The best thing about having a Blog is you get to communicate with your friends and other people all around the world. Also it is fun because you get to join in other people's conversations.

    Blogging helps me by building my confidence and putting awesome work on the blog and getting people to write positive comments which will make me prouud of my self

    What is your favourite thing about blogging

  16. Hi Miss spink

    The thing that i like about having a class blog is that we get to talk to other visiuters on the blog.

    Regards Amar

  17. My best about blog is a video for me to see.

    From Adison

  18. To Miss Spink
    Sheree: WE get to talk with other schools and classes around the world.
    Monifah: I like having a class blog because we get to talk about what we do at schools around the world.
    Sheree:They give you tasks.
    Monifah: Having a class blog helps me with my learning by talking about we have done through out the year.
    From Monifah and Sheree at acps