Saturday, June 9, 2012

Learning about Subtraction

This week in 5/6 A, we have been learning more about Subtraction.

Some of us have expanded our knowledge by teaching others how to complete subtraction problems with renaming and borrowing.

We have practised these skills, working in pairs and completing word problems. We had to find the distance from one place to another by subtracting the kilometres.  To help us remember how to complete subtraction problems with renaming one group made some posters.


Miss Spink also taught us a little rhyme to help us remember.

Elysse shows us how she solved a problem.

Test your subtraction with renaming  / regrouping with this game! Don't forget a pencil and paper to help you work out the answers!

How did you feel about teaching another student about subtraction with renaming? 

What did you find challenging about this activity?


  1. Hi Monifah,
    I loved playing that take away game and looking at your grades bog.

    How long have you had your blog for?

    From Shaniece (monifahs sister)

    1. Hi Shaniece

      If you loved that maths game on our blog then I suggest you start to play more maths games. Games can be a very fun way to learn.

      Now for we've got our blog since the start of the year.
      I was just wondering if you are very confident at maths?

      From Cheuk Yue Aitken Creek Primary School

  2. Hi 5/6,

    I like the ways you showed us how do algorithms, the game was fun too!!
    How many strategies are there for subtraction?

    William(Kyla's family friend)

    1. Hi William,

      It's one of Kyla's best friends, Celine.

      Thanks for commenting on our blog, it's great to see a lot of people commenting. Well there are a lot of subtraction strategies that we haven't been taught yet so I'm not certain on how many there are

      Thanks again for commenting,
      Bye from Celine

    2. Hi William

      Firstly thanks for liking the way we showed you the algorithms. I haven't played the game yet but I guess the game is AWESOME! For your question there are LOTS of strategies but with just haven't covered them.

      Frome Cheuk Yue Aitken Creek Primary School

    3. Hi William,

      Thank you for commenting on our blog and about your questions, well there are lots of ways to do subtraction. We haven't actually learnt all of the strategies but few of them are really fun to learn.

      From Vishal from Aitken Creek primary school.

    4. Hi William,

      How's work? Is Catherine ok? Everything is fine here and about your question, there are about 5-8 subtraction strategies.
      Also, make sure you've got all you've got all your winter cloths ready for skiing!
      See you at Mt Bulla!


      Kyla ACPS

    5. Hi Kyla, Vishal, Cheuk, Celine and 5/6,

      Thanks or all the information you guys gave me, now I can research more, as well as learn more about subtraction. Hope everybody is trying hard to sink in the different strategies.
      Also Kyla, everything is ready and packed for the holidays, I can't wait till then!!
      Hope everyone will have a nice holiday!



  3. Hi Miss Spink,

    You have been a great maths teacher aswell as a normal teacher. We have learn't so many subtraction strategies and we are looking forward to learn more strategies on how to solve subtraction problems.

    From Esraa and Elysse:D

  4. Hi Lance, Vishal, Campbell, Fatat and 5/6 A,

    I can remember when I was in grade 5 when I was learning lots of new strategies for subraction. I found it hard at times. What do you find hard?

    It also seems a lot more fun then when I learnt how to subract.
    Keep up the great work.

    From Bridget (Miss Canals' awesome sister)

    P.S. Go Hawks and ill have to come back to win footy this time.

  5. Hi Ramy, Stav, Yousif, and 5/6 A,

    How are you finding subtraction in 5/6 A?

    Give me 2 things that you enjoy and 1 thing you find challenging. I'm interested to know if the strategies and the rhyme help you to solve the problems.

    5/6 A Maths seems like lots of fun, I must come down and have a look one time.

    From Miss Canals

  6. Hi 5/6 A,

    It's Prep/ 1 A here.

    We love looking at your blog and finding out all the interesting and fun things you are learning about.

    We love the songs and rhymes you use to help you learn.

    We have just learnt a new doubles song that is so cool and is helping us with out addition doubles.

    We are thinking about making a blog for our own class, could you please give us some advice about what makes a good blog.

    Hope to see you all soon for some buddy reading, we love coming to visit you and Miss Spink.

    Hope to hear back from you.

    From Prep/ 1 A, Miss Canals, Alberta and Arthur.

  7. Hi Miss Spink

    Teaching subtraction can be very fun. When I was teaching Ramy I felt like I was real teacher. Sometimes teaching people can be hard but with Ramy he breezed through! I just want to say well done Ramy! I got to say there wasn't anything challenging when I was teaching Ramy. I taught him a new way to calculate after borrowing. Instead of going 15-9 you can go 10-9=1+5=6.Hopfully I taught you something!

    From Cheuk Yue Aitken Creek Primary School

  8. Hello, Makeelly here.
    I think it is AWSOME teaching other students how to do subtraction. I didn't think it would be as hard as it was though. What I found challenging about that activity was that some people learn different to others. This means that subtraction is challenging for some people and it takes them longer to learn. Then for others it only takes them a short time.
    Thanks, Bye for now :) ACPS