Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Online Safety

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Over the past few months in Grade 5/6 we have been learning about keeping safe online.
This is a very important issue and it is extremely important that both students, parents and teachers know the appropriate ways to behave online. 

We have been participating in a unit called 'My Digital World' where we are investigating the many issues involved with becoming responsible digital citizens. 

This includes:
  • :  Respect
  • :  Who am I online? Who are my friends online?
  • :  Protecting my online identity
  • :  Protecting my online privacy
  • Protecting myself from cyber bullying. 
We have watched these two videos and it has made us more aware of what is accepted as safe online behaviours. 



We also made this Glog to share our ideas-

Explain some ways you are being safe online.

Why is being safe online important?


  1. Hi Miss Spink,

    There are many ways I keep safe online, for example for my hotmail account, I always keep my settings on private and friends only. My parents also have a way to protect me from online predators, they have this program where they could see what I've been on and what I do. The program is safe though because you need to get all of the information you need from a specific computer you want to watch over and then, DONE!! Your parents know what were doing.
    I also have some more strategies but then my blog comment would be pretty long.
    Hope we learn more about ICT topics!


    Kyla A.C.P.S
    Anyway, h

  2. Hi Miss Spink ,

    I have a couple ways of being safe online I put all my accounts on private and add my friends.I also add my parents in case I get bullied i have my parents to protect me and to defend me with any online predators. I am thinking of deactivating my accountsand trying to be more cyber safe.

    kind Regards, Tatenda Aitken Creek P.S

  3. Hello everyone,
    I have a few ways that can keep you safe online.
    1. Never click on adds because MOST of them are just scams.
    2.(If you have facebook mostly,)Switch your account/s to private.
    3. Don't open emails that are unrecognisable to you.
    Being safe online is important because you never know who you are talking to. People could say they are the same age as you on the internet. For all you know they could be 30 to 40 years old. These are what we call online predators.If you wouldn't talk to a stranger on the street, then why would you do it on the internet.
    Always remember (BCS) Be cyber safe.

    From Makeelly Aitken Creek Primary School.

    1. Hi Makeelly

      Your ways of being safe online are very good for protecting youself in the cyber world. Being cyber safe online when you're young is very important because then you will know how to protect yourself and all your stuff on the internet when you are older. Makeelly I was just wondering do you have FaceBook?

      From Cheuk Yue Aitken Creek Primary School

  4. Dear Miss spink,

    being safe online is very important to me. how to to be safe online: if you want to be safe online you need to block your account,do not add people you dont know and do not give your adress to people you dont know.

    Regards Ramy

    Hello 5/6A,
    There are so many ways of how to protect yourself online. So for example if people try to find out your information on a website and you don’t want them to, and you see a private and a public button then you should click the private button and when you do people won’t be able to see your info it will just say this profile is private. Also children can ask their parents that if it is ok to download a game or to have an account on a website.

  6. To Miss Spink
    They are so many ways we do to protect ourself from being bullied online.
    The Reason it is important to be safe onloine is because well if you give imformation about yourself or pictures with you in your school uniform on they can track you down.

    From Sheree and Monifah ACPS