Monday, June 4, 2012

The Lunar Cycle

This Term in Inquiry we have been learning about Earth and its place in our Solar System.

We have investigated different elements that make up our solar system including stars, planets, asteroids, the sun and dwarf planets.

In groups we researched different planets and created information posters or PowrPoints about them. Then we got to make our planets using paper mache`.

Saturn PowerPoint by Adison

Over the past two weeks whe have been discovering facts about the Lunar Cycle. We made representations of the phases of the moon using oreo biscuits, learnt a phases of the moon rap song and are writing explanations to explain what we know about the Lunar Cycle.

Here is a video that explains the phases of the moon. 

Our Oreo biscuit phases of the moon-

Learn the Phases of the Moon song-


We were also very lucky to go to Scienceworks and the Melbourne Planetarium. In the Planetarium show 'TILT' we explored how the four seasons are caused by the tilt of the Earth's axis combined with the Earth’s orbit around the Sun and how the seasons and length of day vary across the Earth, from the poles to the equator. At the Scienceworks show we explored the phases of the Moon and the movement of the Moon around the Earth as it affects the tides.

What has been your favourite part about Inquiry this term?

What are two new things you have learnt this term?


  1. Was making the paper mâché planets difficult? Did you use the paper mâché mix from the craft shop (powder kind) or did you make it from scratch? I have kinder children in my class.. We would like to make planets too! Any advice welcome. From Miss Meldrum. Howlong Public School in NSW.

    1. Hi Celine and Kyla here,
      We were interested in your questions and we thought we could help your class.
      Fristly, we made the glue from scratch with corn flour and water. Next we all ripped many many pieces of newspaper to cover a blown up balloon. Once the first layer of newspapaer is dry, repeat the process over and over again untill your confident enough that it wouldn't break. Around the same time tomorrow, take a look at your planet/s and see if their dry, if so, grab a pin carefully and pop each balloon one by one.

      Then, you can start painting!!

      Kyla & Celine

    2. Hello Miss Meldrum,

      My name is Makeelly and I am from Aitken Creek PS. I do believe you wanted to know how to make good paper Mache planets .They were not difficult at all. For younger kids it might be a little challenging though. All we used was water and flour and just mixed it together in a bowl. This was like our glue. Then we blew up the balloons and made them into the size of each planet. We ripped newspaper into small pieces and glued them all over the balloon with our school made glue. We let the newspapers first layer dry and then did about 4 more layers. This was to make sure that it didn't just collapse. We popped our balloons and the paper made it look like it was still in there. After we popped our balloons, we painted our planets the colours of they were meant to be. Most turned out well. Others with not enough layers made a couple of holes. They still do look great though as a classroom display.

      Hope I helped and gave you a bit of advice towards making paper Maches.

      by for now :D

    3. Dear Miss Meldrum,

      The paper mache planets were quite difficult because of all the mess and materials used. It was difficult to paint them because of the different shapes of the planets.

      We made the paper mache out of flour and water and strips of newspapers. Then we had to mould the paper mache around the balloon, then let it dry. After it was dry we popped the balloon and then painted the planets to the colour of the real planets.

      Why are you making the paper mache planets?
      What do you think you will learn by doing this activity?

      From Cheuk Yue, Lance and Adison Aitken Creek PS

    4. Hi Miss Meldrum

      My name is Tatenda and making the paper mache wasent too difficult it was messy but really fun. yes we started from scratch we used flour and water to make our glue. You should always use as much newspaper as you can other whys when you pop the ballon and paint it it will break. and they really look good after there done and up in your classroom

      Kind regards,
      Tatenda Aitken Creek

    5. Hi Miss Meldrum,

      Making paper Mache planets are really fun to do. Before, you asked that you wanted to know how to the planets, well it’s really easy: first you make a glue mixture by adding flour and water then you shred some newspaper, after you have to blow up some balloons and now you have to dip the shredded newspaper into the glue mixture and then you place the paper onto a balloon and repeat that until the whole balloon is covered with at least 3 layer of paper and the glue mixture then leave it to dry. After 24 hours once the planets are really dry paint it and then you can hang them anywhere you want.

      From Vishal Aitken Creek P.S

  2. Hi 5/6,
    I just wanted to tell you I loved looking at your blog. Your class has been doing some fantastic work. I really enjoyed your blog post about the planets- I have to say I love the paper mache planets you made (your classroom looks great!!!)
    I bet lesson on the phases of the moon activity was fun.
    I like the being a better buddy program- it looks good! Did you all enjoy your time with the Richmond tigers? I am really impressed with your blog! Does it take you very long to update it? Do your families love looking at it? Thanks for letting me look at it. You guys are lucky to have such a great teacher!
    From Jodi (a friend of Miss Spink's)

    1. To Jodi,

      Yes it was very fun meeting the Richmond Tigers and yes it does take time to update a blog for the class. Yes our families love looking at our class blog and website. That is ok you can look anytime you like.

      Do you have a class?

      From Monifah and Amar at Aitken Creek Primary School

  3. Hi 5/6,
    I wish I was in your class, I just wanted to tell you guys what I thought of your blog.I thought the powerpoint with Adison in it was funny, and good as well as enjoyable.I also like how you guys made the Oreo Cookies look like the Phases Of The Moon. Every video Miss Spink uploaded was awesome except for the one where people were dancing and the pictures were blury, but besides that, everything was Wicked!!
    I use my netbook at home to help me with my homework or complete tasks on literacyplanet and mathletics.
    I also have a few Questions though, what did the grade 6's play at the transition day? How did you make the planets? Was receiving your Netbooks fun?
    Overall, I think your blog is awesome and I wish my class could have one!!

    From Kelsy ( Kyla's sister)

    1. Dear Kelsy

      Thank you for saying that my PowerPoint is funny and we have a wicked blog. We loved making the Oreo cookies into the phases of the moon.

      Miss Spink is awesome. She is the best teacher.

      From Adison ACPS

  4. Hi Miss Spink

    I heard yous have been learning about moons phases and i wish i could come and learn with your class.

    By Rafik (fatats brother)

  5. Hi miss Spink

    I can see your learning about the moon and i wish you can teach me too.

    From Hana (fatats sister)

  6. Hi miss spink and grade 5/6A

    I hope you all had fun at sience works. It looked really fun and i hope one day i could visit your class and find out new things that i might havnt learnt when i was in primary school.

    By Azzam (fatats dad)

  7. Dear 5/6a,

    As soon as I received a messege from Kyla I thought, well I must check this out!!
    I think the blog is splendid as well as all the work. Its good to see all of you doing an element of art, I also have an art studio of my own to express my artistic style.


    Kyla's uncle (from amarica)

    GO USA!!

  8. Hope my Kyla's been doing well in Art!

  9. Hello!,

    I really enjoyed looking at your blog but this is my favourite!
    I could tell that all of you have worked extremely hard on the planet models. Maybe I'll make one.

    Azzam(Kyla's Auntie)

    1. Hi auntie,

      I really apreciate you commenting on my classroom blog.
      Yes we have worked really hard on them., but we all had fun during the proccess.
      See you in Sydeny!!


      Kyla Aitken Creek Primary School