Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy Holidays

Hi Grade 5/6,

These holidays, I am visiting my family in Newcastle, NSW.

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My mum lives in Stockton and I am staying at her house. 

Today, my mum, brother, his friend and I went to the Hunter Valley Gardens 'Snow Spectacular'. The 'snow' wasn't very spectacular but it was still a fun day. It doesn't actually snow in Newcastle, the 'Snow Spectacular' was a special event put on at the gardens for the winter school holidays. We are also planning on going to see the new Ice Age movie in the next few days too. 

I hope you are all having a fabulous holiday.

Miss Spink 

What are you doing in the holidays? 

Have you ever been to the snow? 

What exciting places have you visited in Australia?


  1. Dear Grdae 5/6,

    Today we also went to Lollyworld. I couldn't decide which lollies to get because there were so many. I ended up buying some jellybeans, a candy jackpot, honey cashews and golden bullets.

    I am going to Ice Age 4 with your teacher who is my sister.

    I have never been to the real snow before.

    I have been to Melbourne and seen your school and have also visted Bec in Junee and Gol Gol. My nan and cousins live in Sydney so I go there too.

    From Declan (Miss Spink's Brother)

  2. Hi Miss Spink,

    This school holiday is great at the moment. I'm so excited for Thuresday, do you know why? 'cause I'm going to Mt Buller! I'm also going to watch a movie at Hoyts Cinamas with my family. The choices are Ice Age 4, Brave, Men In Black and Rock of Ages.

    Yes I have been to the snow before, but that was ages ago in Taiwan near a mountain. At Mt Buller, I'm going to take skiing lessons with my family friend Catherine, my sister Kelsy will be participating too! If we're allowed outside, we are going to have a snow ball battle, and if possible, we'll try to make an igloo.

    In Sydeny, I've been to the Opera House, In Melbourne, I've been to Ballarat, The Tulip Festival, Melbourne Show, Grampians, Mt Wonderland, Mckenzie Falls and many other places.

    Hope your trip was fun!



    Kyla currently at home. = ]

  3. Hello,

    It's me again! I just recently came back from Mt Buller and I'm really exhasted and tired. We arrived home on the 07/07/12 around 7:30 pm. My sister and I crashed straight on the couch when we opened the door.
    Today the 08/07/12 I went to the Hume Library to borrow some books.
    I borrowed some books that I hardly even knew was hilarious, for example; Super Diaper Baby. I would really reccomend that book to anybody.

    What books do you like?
    Who is your favourite author?
    How caasually do you read?

    Please answer these questions above.


    Kyla ( home )

    1. Hey Kyla,
      I am really looking forward to going to the Hume library with school. I have read super diaper baby before and it is a really funny book.
      I like the book Diary of a wimpy kid, dear dumb diary and Geronimo Stilton. How about you?
      My favourite author is Dr Suess.
      I read pretty often. I like to read when I won't though. If my mum tells me to read then I tell her that I have to be in the right mood.

      Bye for now,
      from Makeelly ACPS
      Aitken Creek Primary School

  4. Hi Miss Spink,

    how has your holiday been? I know that my has been great. My blog has been going really well and I am half way through it but there is still lots to do. I also took my writers notebook hame and I have been working on my narrative, I can't wait for school to start and see all my friends again. I have been to the snow before when me and my family went to Mt. buller its really fun and really cold there.

    1. Hi Vishal,

      What is your Blog about?I would really like to visit it.How is you narrative going as well when I read it sounded really interesting and cool. I remember when I went to mount buller it was really cold and fun me and my family had a BLAST! there.

      Sincerly, Tatenda ACPS

  5. Hi Miss Spink,

    On the 11/07/12, I went to Carlton's football club. I actually met the real team! Dennis Armfield and Aj kept on mucking around with eachother though. I also saw all their Premiership Trophies, all 16 of them. I took some photos too and got some autographs. Overall, it's been a fun day.



    Hope they beat Collingwood this Friday!

  6. Hi Kyla,

    Oh wow, I can not believe you got to go to the Carlton Football club! I wish I went!

    It has been great to see you leaving lots of comments on the blog over the holidays.

    I saw your music glog, it is great. I'm sure your guest post will be ver interesting. I can't wait to read it and upload it on our blog.

    Enjoy the last day of holidays!

    See you tomorrow,

    Miss Spink

    1. Hi Miss Spink,

      I knew you would be excited about me visiting Carlton's Football Club!

      Just to let you know, you spelt 'very' incorrectly in your sentence. Not really a big deal though, afterall,
      we all make mistakes.

      Can't wait till school starts!



  7. Hiya everyone,
    I had a great time on my holidays. I was with my dad for the first week and my mum for the next week. I have been to the snow actually, many times. Actually, these holidays my dad took me to the snow with my step mum, my brother and step brother and cousin from England. My cousin Paris from England is 18 and is staying down in Australia until September. In Australia I have been to Queensland about 4 times, New South Wales a few times and many, many place in Victoria.

    BYE!! :)

    Makeelly Aitken Creek Primary School

  8. Hi everyone,
    I had a great time on my holidays.I visited my Grandma for the first week and had a great time going shooping and for a walk around the block with my brother aswell.

    For the second week of holidays I went to my other nans house in Heathcote and had a great time riding my quad bike and also spending time with family,I had a great holiday and I hope
    everyone else did.

    By Elysse:)

  9. Hi Miss Spink,

    On the holidays I went to my aunties house in carrum downs and me and my family slept there for a couple of nights.The next day it was my dad's birthday and my family had to go to the dentist for a teeth cleaning and then we had a cake . My mum and dad went to a romantic dinner for two in the city and me and my brothers stayed home watching movies and having pizza. The next dai it was my mums birthday and we went out for dinner as a whole family and then we came home and my mum and dad went to the movies .The the next day school started.

    Sincerly Tatenda ACPS

  10. Hi miss Spink,

    Hope you had a great holidays.On the the holidays me and my family and cousins went to city and it was really fun I like it.

    Form Yousif

  11. Hi miss spink

    my name is Jeramie

    did you have a good holiday p.s i have never been to the snow but i want too.

    From jeramie and sheree