Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Reading in 5/6 A

In our classroom we think reading is very important and a skill that we will need and use for the rest of our lives!

In Reading we use a CAFE Menu. CAFE is an acronym for Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Extended Vocabulary. We remember what each of these headings mean by reminding oursleves what we do as good readers-

I understand what I read

I can read the words

I can read accurately, with expression, and understand what I read

I know, find, and use interesting words

Everyday we learn and practsise different CAFE strategies. We usually start with the whole class and read a shared text to practise the strategy. At the moment we are reading 'Silver Key- The Beginning' by NJ Cameron. While we have been reading this book we have been working hard on improving our reading fluency. We have unpacked fluency and have learnt about each of the dimensions. The dimensions of fluency are pace / rate, pausing, intonation, stress, phrasing and integration.

 This is what our CAFE menu looks like-

After we have done our whole class focus we write the startegy on a card and put in on our CAFE menu. We then do independent reading where we read 'Good Fit' books to practise these strategies. While we are reading Miss Spink has reading conferences with different students. During the conferences we work with Miss Spink to choose a reading goal. Our reading goal is something we need to practise to improve our reading. We then put our name next to the strategy we are practising!

What is your reading goal at the moment?

Has your fluency improved since learning about the 6 dimensions? Why? 

What is the best thing about CAFE?


  1. Dear Miss Spink,

    My Reading goal is punctuation. When I am reading I stop at full stops and take a full breath. When I get to a comma I pause. When I read I use expression, this means I make a louder voice when the word is in capital letters.

    I enjoy reading.

    From Aaron, ACPS 5/6

  2. Hi Aaron,

    Your reading has improved so much this term! I am very proud of you! I can tell that you practise your reading goal all the time.

    Keep working hard,

    Miss Spink

  3. HI, it’s Celine here

    Great job on the blog it's looking great!

    Anyway for term two my reading goal has been to change my voice for direct speech. Since we have been learning about the six dimensions of fluency. I now know to breath when I'm meant to, pace /rate myself, change my voice to express how the character is feeling and to phrase myself. The best thing about the CAFE menu is that we aren't working on different things at once, we are working one goal at a time.

    Kind regards,
    Celine ACPS

    1. Hi Celine,

      I am glad that you are enjoying blogging and you think the blog is looking great!

      I know you have been working on your goal and I can hear a differece in your reading!

      I agree with you about the best thing about CAFE being that we only focus on one thing at a time. I think this is important as it gives us time to become experts at one strategy before moving on to the next!

      Keep working hard!


      Miss Spink

  4. HI, it' Elysse here,

    You are doing great on keeping up on time with the blog.
    My reading goal for term two is to find the meaning of new and interesting words. Since learning about the six dimensions I’ve learnt how to take a short breath while reading because I always use to take a long breath but with the help from the six dimensions I’ve learnt to only take a short breath. The best thing about the C.A.F.E Menu is that the word CAFE is an acronyms and each word has a reason to do something so C stands for Comprehension A stands for Accuracy F stands for Fluency and E stands for Extended Vocabulary.

    Regards Elysse 5/6,

    1. Hello Miss Elysse,

      FInding the meaning of new and interesting words is important as it helps you to understand what you read as well as extending your vocabulary! You can also use the new words you learn in everyday speaking and writing.

      Keep up the great work!

      Miss Spink

  5. Dear Grade 56A,

    It has been great to see you all using the strategies we have been learning in class. You are all improving in your reading and becoming fluent readers.

    Keep up the great work. :-)

    Mrs Banfield (Education Support ACPS)

  6. Hello Mrs banfield

    yes we all are very fluent readers and it is really fun o have you in our class aswell

    Kind Regards, Tatenda Aitken Creek p.s

    1. Dear Tatenda,

      Yes you are all becoming fluent readers which is great. Reading is an important skill to have.

      I love being in your class and working with all of you.

      Have a good weekend. :-)

      Kind Regards,

      Mrs Banfield (Education Support ACPS)

  7. Dear miss spink,

    my reading gaol this term is to stop at fullstops and punctuation.
    My fluency as improved after learning the 6 demensions because i can now read at a fluent pace and now what i need to do to be a fluent reader. The best thing about having the CAFE menu is to be able to know what i need to practise so that i can practise every day.

    KInd Regards, Tatenda Aitken Creek P.S

    1. Hi Tatenda,

      I am so glad to hear you think your fluency has improved since learning about the 6 dimensions. I think you are right too, CAFE is a great way for you to remember what you need to practise with your reading!

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

      Miss Spink

  8. Hi Miss Spink,
    I think your blog is amazing and what you are doing with the class is spectacular. They sure are a very lucky class and school to have such an amazing dedicated teacher.I would like to take a little bit of credit for helping you achieve your teaching goal- but it's definately not in the technology field.
    Good luck with your term challenge
    Love to you all and keep up all your reading.
    Debby Oliver
    Reading Recovery Teacher , Booragul P.S. N.S.W.

    1. Hi Debby,

      Thanks so much for getting onto our blog!

      You can definitely take some credit for helping me to achieve many of my teaching goals! I learnt lots from you on my teaching placement! Seems like it was forever ago!

      I am very proud of my class and being able to share all their wonderful learning!

      Thanks again for your comment!

      Miss Spink

  9. Hi 5/6,
    I liked this page because it has to do with reading. Reading to me is like relaxing and understanding someone elses feelings.

    Love the blog!@

    Dennis(Kyla's cousin)

  10. Hi Dennis,
    How's it going in Sydney? Is the weather nice or bad?
    Anyway, thanks for commenting on our blog and make you come back to read more!!



  11. Hi 5/6,

    It's good to be back. I really love reading, my favouite author is Geronimo Stilton, his books are so interesting. The book that I'm reading now is 'Valley of the giant skeletons' I've also ead many more!
    I'll be blogging soon, so watch out!!


    Kelsy ( Kyla's sis )

  12. Hi Miss Spink,

    My goal at the cafe is summarise throughout reading. I have inproved at my fluency a lot because I learnt new staff about reading.

    From Ramy.

  13. Dear Spink,
    I think that i am a good at my summarising, using the details and main ideas.

    From Aaron
    ACPS - Grade 56A