Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Year Six Transition

On Tuesday 1st of May 2012, seven grade six students visited a local high school.

It was great fun getting to visit a high school for the first time. We got to attend thre classes which were PE where we played a fun batting game and scored lots of runs, History where we brainstormed our knowledge of Ancient Egypt and made a cartouche of our name in hieroglyphics, after that we went to the technology rooms and made a name plate using plywood. We also visited the Auto Tech room which is where you can learn about car engines, maitenence, hydrolics and welding!

Visiting high school was very different to our school! It is so much bigger and there are hundreds of more students!

We can't wait for our next visit to a high school!

What are you looking forward to about going to high school? 


  1. Dear Miss Spink,

    I am looking forward to getting A+'s and different types of classes.

    Regards Chelsea

  2. WOW! It sounds fun getting to know that you guys visited a high school! i wish i went. :( I am definitely looking forward to high school! What school did you guys visit?

    I am eager to know more!

    Yours sincerely, Hanis.

  3. Hi Hanis,

    How are you going? How is your new school? We miss you here!

    We went to a high school in Craigieburn. It was very good! Does your school go through to Year 12?

    Hope you are having lots of fun!


    Miss Spink

  4. Dear grade six students,

    I was so pleased to hear about you visiting the secondary college!

    I was wondering what subject you are most looking forward to putting into practise?

    Keep up the good work.

    From Mrs Manning
    (Miss Spink's Aunty)

    1. To Mrs Manning,

      The thing I am looking forward to the most in high school is wood work. We did a bit of wood work when we were there and it was very fun. We all had a great day.

      How long have you been working a Craigiburn South for?

      From Monifah at Aitken Creek PS.

    2. Greetings Mrs Manning,

      My name is Kyla and I'm in grade 6. All of us grade 6's are superbly excited and can't wait for next year. The subjects I believe all of us are looking forward to is Woodwork, Science, Production, Art and ICT. The subjects we'll definitely be practising are probably, Science, Woodwork and Music because those are usually the main subjects in High School we need top marks for.

      How did you feel when before you gone to High School?
      What was your reaction after the first term?

      Thank you for commenting on our blog.


    3. Hello Mrs Manning,

      This is Esraa and Chelsea we used to go to CSPS and we stil remember you but we don't think you remember us. We stil remember your beautiful face. Our teacher is Miss Spink.

      From Esraa and Chelsea (grade 5s)

    4. Dear grade 5/6 and Miss Spink,
      Monifah, sounds like you are really excited about doing woodwork next year.What things to you hope to make? To answser your question about how long i have been at CSPS this year will be my 24th.I have enjoyed every year. its great to see children start in prep and then graduate from year 12, it is also rewarding to hear of their success is university or the work force.

      Kyla, Starting high school for me was very scary, we did not have a tranistion day like you do. We finished grade 6 and then went into year 7 we learnt everything we needed to know on the first day.
      It looks like your year in year 7 will be exciting with all the great subjects you will get to do.

      Esraa and Chelsea, i do remember you. How do you like your new school? How do you like my niece? Is she good to all of you? Hope she doesn't make you work too hard.

      Well everyone enjoy the rest of yor year and hope to see some of you next year.
      please come and say hi and let me know how you are going so i can pass on you success to Miss Spink.

      I am looking forward to finding out who is the winner of the challenge Miss Spink has set for you.

      Regards Mrs Manning CSPS.