Wednesday, December 5, 2012

3-6 Camp Lake Dewar

On the 14th of November 34 students from Learning Neighbourhood 3 left school to go to  camp at Lake Dewar Lodge. Around 9:20 AM we left the school and arrived at 10:30 AM at the camp site.  From there we meet some of the camp instructors and they told us about some of the areas inside the camp. They also told us about some of the activities.

We then settled into our cabins, and got put into our groups for activities. We had three groups; group one was called Sharks, group two was called Dolphins and group three was called Stingrays. Over the next three days we did many fun activities including the flying fox, adventure tunnelling, kayaking, geo cashing, campfire cooking, hut building and the Lake Dewar Lodge amazing race. At the camp they had two dogs named Lux and Simba. The food was fantastic especially when our very own school captain Campbell Walsh got cream pie in the face by Miss Likos. That night, he gave her, her own dose of the pranking by splashing a fully filled water bottle on to her face. She repaid him by unscrewing the lid and dumping the rest of the water over him.

Kayaking was awesome, we got wet and had a bit of a work-out, turning was hard at first but then we got used to it and it became easy.

Adventure tunnelling:
The adventure tunnels were dark and gloomy, it scared many people especially Makeelly Chappell. At the adventure tunnel each stage had a different challenge you must complete to win the key. Only a few people had lights to go on their helmets to guide the way through the pitch black tunnels.

Campfire cooking and hut building:
Campfire cooking and hut building were both taken by our teachers and not by the camp instructors. They also both were a survival challenge, we had cook damper in the campfire, we cooked the damper on a stick.  At hut building we started from scratch and had to find your own resources for building the hut. The huts needed to be water proof. At the end of the hut building our huts were tested by the teachers by pouring water on top of the hut. Some of us got drenched.

The duel flying fox:
This activity was exhilarating, when you jump of the edge it feels like you are actually going to fall! Miss Spink was dared into going on the flying fox or she would be called Miss Chicken. In the end she gave in and went on the flying fox, but only once. Some of the things that we did to make the flying fox even scarier were the leap of faith, running and jumping of the platform, letting go of the rope and going upside down. This is what Celine Cleveland did on the way to the other side she did this without fear and became a flying fox warrior. The flying fox was a hair raising experience which was one of the highlights of camp.

 Geo Caching:
Geo caching was very tiring, we had to run up and down hills through bushes and over tunnels. The point of geo caching is to use a GPS to locate and gather different items. We had around an hour to locate and collect items that were worth points. Each item was hidden in different places and was challenging to find.

 Lake Dewar Lodge Amazing Race:
 On the very last day we got together in our groups and were to take part in the Lake Dewar Lodge Amazing Race. We were given a map and a card to hole punch once each activity was completed. There were 8 activities in all and the Stingrays won.

 Night Activities:
On the first night it was movie night! We got to nominate a movie the choices were Wally, Cars, Robots and Racing Stripes. The obvious choice was Racing Stripes it won by a mile. On the second night we held a talent show. Miss Spink and Miss Likos sang Don’t Worry Be Happy by Guy Sebastian, reading the lyrics from their iPhone’s, while Ms Cornish and Mrs Wade were the backup dancers. Mrs A who was the judge gave the teachers a comment and mimicked that “It was really that bad” and then the teachers tilted their heads in disappointment while Mr Fraser sang “Don’t worry be happy”.

Everyone had to participate in the talent show. Out of all the students and groups that participated Celinemchelsky won, the runners up were the Little Rippers. The prizes were a packet of Starburst lollies.

On the last day we left the camp in the bus and got back to school, ready to go home and rest.  
The camp was amazing and something that we will remember for the rest of our lives.

Mr Fraser thought a highlight was the apple pie, he even made a video about it! 

By Celine and Campbell

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