Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tweeting the Prime Minister

Hi my name is Campbell and I was recently in the The Saturday Age newspaper. The article was about teachers and how they use social media in the classroom, I was in the article because I sent a tweet to the Australian PM. I asked her the question, “Why do I have to wait so long for my NAPLAN results?” “What is the point?”

This is the photo from the article and the link.

Photo: Jason South

I love to use Twitter and other social networks in the class like Edmodo and blogging because you can talk to class mates and other people from around the world. I have tweeted to the PM and I eventually got a response. This is Julia Gillard's and Peter Garret's responses.

It’s not every day a PM tweets an 11 year old. Peter Garret soon replied and I hope one day I can get someone even bigger to tweet me. I believe tweeting is a big part of learning because it teaches us about cyber safety, how to use social media responsibly and can also teach us in writing. I believe my teacher, class and I are very important in the social networking world. We tell the world about our learning and show the world that little people can do big things.

By Campbell Walsh
Grade 5 - ACPS

Do you use Twitter in your classroom? 

Why do you think using Twitter is good for education? 


  1. Dear Campbell,
    Maybe Ms Gillard should not be looking over her shoulder at her fellow MPs about leadership challenges but should be aware of Mr Walsh from A.C.P.S.
    Walsh for P.M!
    Mr Fraser.

  2. Dear Campbell
    It is great that you got a reply from the P.M. I like the idea of putting naplan online because you will get your answers quick.
    From Monifah and Sheree