Thursday, November 29, 2012

CBL Reflection

Let's Reflect!

Over the next few days I would like students to reflect on Challenge Based Learning in our classroom this term.

The following prompts will help you with this process.

The way you present your reflections is up to you- you may like to create a video, record audio, tell a story, write a blog post, make a Glog, the choice is yours!

I can't wait to see what you come with!

Miss Spink

Reflection Prompts:

Reflection Prompts

Understanding the Challenge

• Explain the big idea, essential question, and the challenge.
• Why is this important to you and your community?
• Who does the challenge impact?

Guiding Questions/Research

• What were the most valuable guiding questions?
• What kinds of surprises did you encounter during your research?
• What resources were the most valuable?

The Solution

• Describe the process your team went through to come to your solution.
• What things did you try that didn’t seem to work?
• Why do you think your solution will make a difference?

Executing the Solution

• How did you put your solution into action?
• How did you measure its effectiveness?
• What obstacles did you face during this process?


• What challenges did you face working as a team?
• How did your group utilize individual talents?
• What have you learned about collaboration?

Review of Your Work

• Could you have solved this challenge differently?
• What would you do differently if you were to take on this challenge again?
• What is one thing you learned that you will never forget?


• What did you learn during this process that you didn’t know before?
• How can you apply this process and/or your solution to other similar challenges 
in the world today?
• What skills did you learn that apply to other areas of your learning?

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  1. All these questions help us understand what we are learning and what we are doing.
    This makes our learning easier so that we know whats going on.
    Can you please send me the username and password for popplet on edmodo if possible.
    If so, it will help me progress on my asylum seekers popplet.