Friday, December 7, 2012

Greed- By Celine and Kyla

It is very exciting to announce that two students from 5/6 A have just finished creating their very own iBook- the first one published for our grade.

Greed, written by Celine and illustrated by Celine and Kyla is now available for download in the iBooks store. It is a story set in the African savannah, where elephants are being hunted for their tusks. A brave elephant triumphs over the poachers!

Download this book on your iPad now! It's FREE!

Click here to download from the iBooks store. 

If you do not have an iPad check out this Flip Snack book-


  1. Hi Celine and Kyla
    Your book was great and good.
    I would really like to download it but we do not have an Ipad
    From Monifah and Sheree.

  2. Dear Celine and Kyla,

    I really liked your story, the pictures are drawn nice and you are going to be famous because it is on the ibooks.

    From Can A.C.P.S

  3. Dear Celine and Kyla,
    You did great work making this book and nice
    drawing and the story.

    From Ben A.C.P.S

  4. HI Kyla and Celine,
    I like the story you typed and especially the pictures that you made on your own.I liked the word you wrote that was constant dream and I saw nobody was commented so I commented after reading the book.
    I liked the way you friends wrote story, Illustrated,and presented the story.I like it thanks for making to read it.
    From Jatin