Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Chester Awards

Yesterday we finished our Term 3 Inquiry unit on the Human Body with our presentations on the body systems.

The presentations were of a very high standard and all students should be incredibly proud of the work they have completed.

Over the past term it has been wonderful to watch the students learn and grow together. I have been very impressed with their ability to manage their learning, be organised and to work in cooperative learning groups, focussed on achieving a common goal.

Thank you to Mrs Abo-Karima, Ms Likos, Mrs Winter and Mrs Wade for being judges, they too were impressed with the quality of work presented by the students.

It was fantasic to see students finding interactive and exciting ways to present their information. The use of Glogster and Kahootz were particular stand outs.

The winners of the Chester Award for the "Best System in a Supporting Role" for the human body was the Circulatory system- Makeelly, Fatat, Ramy, Duarte and Adison.

Congratulations to all students. 

Miss Spink


  1. Dear Miss Spink and 5/6

    I am so proud of all the other groups and most inportantly The Circulatory system congrats you did a wonderful job just like the others. Miss Spink as you were saying it was very hard to decide the winner.

    Everyone just remember it does not mean that you did'nt do a good job it just might be because The Circuatory systems poster or because Adison was always smiling. I would like to thank my following peers that have been there for me and that is The Skeletal System (Campbell. Ayla and Ramzy).

    P.S Thanks judges

    Regards Chelsea

  2. Dear Chelsea,

    Thanks i hope you enjoyed our presentation. I still think that your group did a great job, Well done.I love your little boogie dance and im sure everyone else enjoyed it.Thanks again and we all know that you tried your hardest to win.All that matters is you found out about the Skeletal system. Good on you.

    Regards, Fatat;D

  3. Hi Circulatory group,

    I would like to say that CONGRATULATIONS!!! for winning the Chester award.For all your hard work you have managed to convince the jugdes,and I guess that you have deserved the award, I am proud of your work, and I am sure everyone is proud as well.

    from Sevgi :D :D:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  4. To The Circulatroy group,
    Congratulation to Makeelly,Adison,Fatat, Duarte and Ramy.
    You all did a great job at working together I like the way you guy did the posters and helped other groups do there job.

    Good Job
    Bye for now
    Sheree and Monifah ACPS