Thursday, September 6, 2012

Our Skype With Madison

Today we had a Skype call with Miss Spink's little cousin Madison.

In reading we are learning to identify and use strategies that 'good readers' use when reading. To do this we need to be able to listen to other readers and ourselves to identify the things we do that make us 'good readers'. To help us do this we listened to Madison read and were able to discuss the strategies she was using. We then discussed what possible reading goals we could give Madison if we were her teachers.

Read the document below to see what we noticed and found out.

What strategies do you use well when reading?

What is your reading goal?

What strategies do you think you need to work on? 


  1. Missspink I Hope Mdison Is Very Good Skype!!!!

    From Adison ACPS VIC

    1. Hi Adison

      I think she really is Adison and I have realised that you really like skyping with madison and anyone else good on you ;D.

      By Fatat

  2. I would just like to thank all of Miss Spink's students for listening to Madison read today! She got a real kick out of it and thought that seeing all of you was wonderful!! So thanks again and keep reading!
    From Madison's Mum.

    1. Thank you and you welcome Madisons mum.Your daughter is soooo CUTE!!!!1 and a very good reader.


    2. Dear Madison's mum,

      It was a great pleasure being able to skype with your beautiful daughter Madsion. She is a natural reader. Madison is so complex for her age and yes we will keep on reading.

    3. Hi miss Spink

      It was really fun skyping with Madison.I enjoyed it alot. My reading goal is to find the meaning of new words.I've been practising my reading goal nearly everyday. It's very fun.The strategies I use well im reading is using punctuation properly and choosing good fit books.I think I need to work on asking author and you qeustions to understand the text but im going very well.I love reading its a calm and enjoyable thing to do when your bored.


    4. Dear Miss Spink,

      I always self correct when the passage of the text does not sound right.Elysse makes sure she extends her vocabulary by finding new words and the definition.

      My reading goal is Back up and re-read to make meaning of the text.Elysse makes connections by using the decode.

      I need to work on asking questions before during and after reading.Elysse needs to work on making deep connections with the text.

      Regards Chelsea and Elysse

    5. Dear Madison's Mum,

      It was a real pleasure listening to your beautiful daughter
      read. She is so talented for her age and of course we will keep on reading.

      Regards, Chelsea

  3. Hi Miss Spink,

    The strategies that I use when I am reading is puntuation, reading fluently and asking myself author and me questions, also summarising.

    I need to work on asking myself Author and me questions, when I am reading. I also need to work on focusing on my reading.

    My reading goal is Comprehension- I have to ask myself about Author and me questions when I am reading then I have to write answer them in my reading book.

    From Sevgi ACPS

  4. Dear Miss Spink and Madison,

    It was really fun listening to Madison read.
    We choose good fit books and use quiestioning to monitor understanding while reading. My reading goal is to read at the same pace not to fast and not to slow. Ayla's reading goal is to use punctuation to enchance pharsing and intonation.

    From Esraa & Ayla

    1. Hi Ayla and Esraa

      I do agree that it was fun listening to Madison read.
      I hope you both enjoyed it.

      By Fatat

  5. To Miss Spink and Madison

    It was really great listening to Madison read, Madison you are a great reader. The strategy I use the best is reading at a good pace.My reading goal is summarise using word synonym paraphrase. I need to work on asking my self questions during the text.Thank you for reading to us Madison.

    kind Regards Campbell

    1. Hi Cambell

      Yes Campbell Madison is a very good reader
      By Fatat

  6. Hello miss spink,

    In reading I stop at all punctuation and i chunk my words while reading.My reading goal is to make my reading sound like i am talking.I think i need to work on staying on task and to try read at a slow pace.

    Kind regards Tatenda

  7. Dear Miss Spink and Madison,

    What we do well in reading is clarifying words, reading with punctuation and understand the text we just read.
    My reading goal is to make deep connections with the text to help me get a good visual image.
    I think I need to work on putting the words I find in books into my own writing.
    My reading goal is to fine the meaning of new words.
    I think I need to work on making sure I don't skip words I don't know the meaning of.


    Kyla and Celine

  8. Hello Miss Spink and Madison,

    It was very exciting when skyping to Madison,Madison is a very good reader and I think she needs to work on making predictions on what the text will be about.

    I express my voice when I read.My reading goal is to ask author and me quistions.I think I need to work on making deep conections about the text.

    I ask quistions before,during and after reading.My reading goal is to use punctuation to enhance phrasing and intanation.I think I need to work on changing my voice for direct speach.

    From Sevgi and Ayla