Sunday, October 7, 2012

Our Blogging Milestone

In the last week of term three, we celebrated achieving our goal of 3000 blog visitors! We are very proud and impressed that so many global people are visiting and interacting with us through our blog.

We love blogging because we get to share and celebrate our learning with people all over the world.

It is even more exciting to note that since our party, only two weeks ago we have hit another milestone. Our blog count is now in excess of 4000 global visitors!

Thank you to everyone who follows our learning and supports us in our journey. We appreciate all the kind comments and encouragement.

We celebrated our milestone by having a class party with lots of yummy food and dancing! A great day was had by all!

How many more visitors do you think we will get this term?

Why do you think people are interested in reading our blog? 

What are some ideas for future blog posts?


  1. To Miss Spink and class mates

    Jatin:8000 in one month
    Sheree:6000 7 weeks
    Monifah:10,000 this term

    Monifah: Because it is showing what we have been doing over the year.
    Sheree: Because students put things on there that they like.
    Jatin: Because they put there effot and work on there.

    Jatin: Some things do to help in the class.
    Sheree: Maybe Equivalent Fractions.
    Monifah: Maybe about CBL.

    From Monifah, Jatin and Sheree.

  2. Dear Miss Spink,

    I suppose our class blog will get over 1000 visitors this term because we are so commited to this class blog. We always comment making sure that we are not being rude and letting them know that we are not lazy. Some guest posts I think I will be doing in the future is a guest post about How to have a good singing voice or have to improve your voice and it will have lot's of facts and tricks about your voice.

    Regards Chelsea

  3. Dear Miss Spink,

    Fatat and I predict that there will be over one and a half thousand views through out this term. We think people are reading our class blog because our topics are interesting like cheuk Mincraft blog.For the futre blog post our ideas are to talk about what were doing in CBL.

    From Fatat and Elysse:D

  4. Hi Miss Spink,

    I think we will get 6000 more vistors this term, also I think people are intrested in reading our blog because they are intresting and we put alot of effort in to it. I think maybe try to work on repling to people.

    From Esraa 5/6.A

  5. Dear 5/6,

    I can't believe that we have reached 3000 visitors already but now we have 4,847 visitors. I wonder if we can have a party if we reach 5000 Visitors. I think we can get upto 7,000 visitors this term and we do a lot of things in class and there are always fun, we put all of those things in our blog and thats why people like our blog.

    Vishal Aitken Creek.

  6. Hi Miss Spink

    I think we will get at least somewhere around 6500 visitors this term. Most of the people who visit our blog are students or teachers and ourselfs. I'm guessing that at least some 'normal' people come and visit our blog possibly because of Vishal's football blog post and my Minecraft blog post. Ideas for future blog post:
    -About our school
    -The diffrent topics we learn and tips on how to get better
    -About how awesome your students are!
    Well thats all I got.

    P.S Can you ask the music teacher if we can do Gangnam Style?!

    Cheuk Yue Aikten Creek P.S

  7. Hi Miss Spink,

    I think we might get at least 6 or 7 thousand this term because i blog as been really popular lately. I think people are interested in our blog because i guest posts a really interesting and miss spink puts on some really good posts as well.For future blog posts we could do one on our sport ,our art work and preforming arts that we do in class.

  8. Hi Miss Spink. Celine and Makeelly here,
    It is incredible how many visitors we have had already. We believe that in the current term we will reach 6000 visitors.(How do you feel about throwing us another party Miss Spink ;)We think people are interested in our blog because it is very interesting and full of all of our work that we have done though out the year. People also visit our blog because we are just plain AWESOME :) We know that if we get to do our own blog post it will DEFINITLEY be about One Direction. <3 Thanks

    Talk soon
    From Celine And Makeelly

    1. Hi Celine and Makeelly,

      I like the idea of throwing another party it seems really intresting and fun hopefuly we will get another party when we reach to 6000 visitors!!!

      Regards Esraa 5/6.A

  9. Dear Miss Spink

    I loved the blog party it was so fun I loved doing the dance battle and gangnam style op op. I think wee will reach about 6,000 vistors by the end of the term. I believe alot of people like reading our blog because we are creative and post many different post not just educational post. I think a great post will be about CBL and asylum seekers.

    Kind regards Campbell

  10. Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for all of your great ideas for future blog posts. I think it will be fantastic to write about what we are doing in CBL this term.

    Looking forward to more guest posts as well!

    Miss Spink

  11. Hi everyone!! It's Hanis here!
    WOW! What exciting news!!! The last time i was with you guys, there were only a fair bit of visitors!!! NOW, it's 3000!!!! CRAZYYY!!!! You are surely gonna be POPULAR!!! hehehe.

    Have Fun learning with Miss Spink and enjoy writing a bout CBL.

    From: Hanis ;)

  12. Hello Miss Spink!!

    I bet at the end of the year we will reach 6oooo visitors!
    I thing to make the blog better is by adding more intresting and exciting blogs!!
    The more new blogs you create Miss Spink for us to comment on we will maybe reach 60000 or more visitors.

    From Sevgi :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D