Monday, September 3, 2012

Managing Our Own Learning

In Grade 5/6 we are trying to be organised learners who manage our time wisely. We have learnt to identify areas of our learning we do well, as well as elements we need to improve on.

This is something we will continue to work on for the rest of the year and will help us to become self managed, independent learners.

But what is managing our learning all about?

Here are some examples of different ways we are managing our own learning-

This year we will manage our own learning! 

Describe two ways you are confident when managing your own learning.

Identify and describe an area you need to improve on.

Discuss how you will achieve this. 


  1. Great work Miss B - This is a skill that students need to work on right through school, so good to see you are developing this early with your students. Reflection on your learning is such an important and valuable part of learning, both as a student and a teacher. Your blog will assist you to do this too.

  2. Hi Miss Spink,
    I am really confident in making check list to keep track on were i'm up to and I am really good at getting things done on time and handing them in.
    I need to improve on staying on track because when im at home i always get distracted by the TV.
    I am going to try stay away from thing that can distract me and ignore bad things

    Kind regards Tatenda

    1. Hi Tatenda,

      You are exceptional with handing things on time and getting your work done.

      I like your goal of trying to stay on track more. This is also good during literacy group times.

      Keep up the hard work.

      Miss Spink

  3. Hi Miss Spink,

    When I manage my own learnig, I'm confident with finishing off things that are uncompleted and making check-lists to make sure I'm doing what I'm supposed to do.
    I think I need to improve on using my time wisely because I usually run out of time or can't get what I want finished because of other tasks like housework.

    I think I can achieve 'using my time wisely' by keeping track of what I'm going to do. For eg: I can create a schedule for what I should be doing at what time.


  4. Hi Miss Spink

    Some of the ways I am confident with managing my learning is keeping charts because it helps me stay on task and keep track of my time.Another way is concentrating on my work both of these things keep me focused and give me confidence. I really need to work on concentrating on my work in groups because I get distracted by people. I will achieve this by practicing in my inquiry groups.

    Kind regards Campbell

  5. Hi Miss Spink

    I'm really good at being organized with my stuff and keeping on task. I need to use my time wisely and I will achive this by trying to get stuff in on time and at the sametime doing my best work possible.

    Cheuk Yue Aitken Creek P.S

  6. Hello everyone,

    Time, that made up human thing we all learn. Did you all know we are shortchanged a little every day? According to "Universe Today", Earth's days aren't really 24 hours in length. They are 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds in length so we have lost 3 minutes, 56 seconds of the day before we start any day. Of course, if we were on Mars we would have 56 minutes, 4 seconds extra or on Venus if we could survive the atmosphere, we would have 224.7 Earth days for one Venusian day. :)

    Universe Today link...

    Putting aside the little bit of trivia, one of the keys to success is being able to manage the time we have effectively. We may all have the same amount of time in a day but some of us have much more to do. You list is a big move in managing time better. I particularly like the advice, "NEVER GIVE UP".

    Now back to my own time management plan. There are many more blogs to visit. :)

    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  7. Dear miss spink

    Dear miss Spink managing my own learning has been really good it has been helping me do things and being organized and i have been enjoying doing my homework

    From Ramzy

  8. Hello Miss Spink,

    Managing my learning has really helped me make my learning easier, and it is still helping which is great.From the 'managing our own learning'chart I have been getting organised and because of that I don't have to get up for things I need to study, so far everytime I needed to study on maths, writing and reading my materials have been on the desk so I can use them.I really need to improve on using my time wisely because I don't get my work finished on time, I have been trying to concerntrate on my work but I can not because people are really loud when they work at the same time as I do.

    From Sevgi ACPS

  9. Hello Miss Spink,

    Managing my own lerning has helped me heaps.
    The two ways that im confident with is getting organized because I have my pencils and rubbers in a differnt pencil case and the other thing is set and achieve my goals.
    The thing I need to improve lots on is using my time wisely because I talk a lot while working and I dont get much work done.I could achieve this by sitting by myself and concentrate on my work better.

    From Ayla

  10. Dear Miss Spink,

    I am getting better at Managing My Own Learning,the two ways
    I am confident is using my time wisely and I also think positively. But I think I need to improve o setting and achieveing my goals. I will achieve my goals by sitting by myself so i do't chat to my friends.

    From Esraa 5/6

  11. Dear Miss Spink,

    Chelsea always seeks help when needed and always uses her time wisely. I (Elysse) always use a variety of materials and be persistant.

    Chelsea needs to work on thinking positively while writing and striving to achieve her goals. I (Elysse) try not get destracted while sitting next to my friends.

    When Chelsea sets a goal she will stick to it a strive to achive it no matter what.I (Elysse) will ignore my friends and not talk or giggle on the floor.

    Regards Chelsea and Elysse

  12. Dear Miss Spink,

    When managing my own learning I use being orginized the most and use that one by having all my things ready before starting my work.
    The area I need to work on most is being persistant because I dont really use that one much.I am going to acheive this by using it all the time and and always making sure I practice it.
    I love managing my own learning it makess me feel just right!;D