Monday, November 12, 2012

What Makes A Good Procedure?

Over the last few weeks, we have been working on procedure writing. Before we were able to write any type of procedure we were given the task of investigating exactly what makes a good procedure. We came up with a list of ideas as a class and were then challenged to come up with a way to show our understanding of procedure texts.

Most of us focussed on recipes as these are a popular type of procedural text. We are also working on developing a cooking demonstration DVD and recipe book!

Take a look at what we know about procedures-

By Tatenda and Aaron

By Kyla and Celine

By Makeelly and Chelsea

Why do you think procedural texts are important?

What kind of procedural texts have you written in the past? 


  1. Hello Miss Spink,
    Celine and Makeelly here!

    We think that procedural texts are important because they explain everyday actions in a less complicated way. By writing a procedure gives you a more clear understanding of what you have to do.

    Just recently we have written some procedures on how to cook a certain recipe. We have also written short procedures on how to open a book and how to clap your hands :)

    Thanks for taking the time to read this,
    Regards the best people on earth...
    Celine and Makeelly :)

  2. Hi Miss Spink,

    Procedural texts are important because they explain the way to accomplishment and how to do something or make somehting. Vishal has wirten recipies and craft work procedures and I have writen procedural texts on how to build,how to cook and how to play a game. Vishal and I enjoy writing procedures because they are lots of fun to write and you might even learn a thing or two along the way.
    BY,Tatenda & Vishal A.C.P.S

  3. Dear Miss Spink

    We believe that procedural text are very important indeed. Without them we would probably be burning ourselvs in cooking oil and making disgusting meals for our families. Some of the procedural text we have written are how to cook egg in bread, how to make an ice-cream sundae, how to make a paper helicopter, how to drink water, how to play lincity-ng, how to surivive in minecraft and how to make a paper aeroplane.

    Kind Regards Campbell & Cheuk

  4. Hi Miss Spink,
    I believe procedures are important because if they didn't exist, how would we know how to do anything? For eg, I wouldn't be able to write this blog comment.

    The procedures I have recently wrote are how to make watermelon ice cream, how to rule a margin and how to make a letter holder.

    What is your favourite way to publish a procedure?


  5. Hi Miss Spink,
    Procedures are important because if ther was no procedures we could't make something that we didn't know and we learn new stuff with procedures and it's fun to make a procedures.

    Regeards Ramy.

  6. Hi Miss Spink,

    I think that procedures helps us make something, cook something and use something.
    The procedure text that I did in the past was how to swim.