Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Term 4

Learning Neighbourhood 3
Yr 5-6 News 

Throughout Term 4 in Reading, we will continue to develop a deep understanding of reading skills based on the CAFE reading model- Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Extended Vocabulary. We will be focusing on asking questions before, during and after reading, using questioning to monitor understanding, reviewing the six dimensions of fluency, using think aloud strategies and explaining how thinking about reading helps with our reading comprehension.
We will continue to participate in guided reading and literature circle groups to develop and review their skills in these areas.

In writing, we will continue to use our VOICES menu to develop our understanding and knowledge of the six traits of writing- Voice, Organisation, Ideas, Conventions, Excellent Word Choice and Sentence Fluency.

We will read and write a variety of poems and will be able to explain the purpose, mood and voice of a range of poetry. We will also take part in writing procedural texts as well as reviewing persuasive writing techniques.

We will continue to develop our ideas for writing through their Writer’s Notebook as well as work in small groups and teacher conferences to develop individual writing goals based on the VOICES menu.

Numeracy this term will be very busy with students learning about and reviewing fractions. We will learn to simplify fractions as well as add, subtract and multiply fractions and decimals. We will also focus on chance and data, mass and location.

We will develop their ability to solve real world mathematical problems based on the topics studied.  Through open ended mathematical questions students will explore a range of problem solving strategies such as trial and error, working backwards and guess and check. 

It is a requirement that students are reading at home every weeknight. We ask that readers are returned to school every TUESDAY and FRIDAY signed by a parent. Through home reading it is expected that students will further develop their reading strategies, reading stamina and comprehension skills.

Homework will be placed on our Class website again this term. Students are required to bring their  homework in EVERY Friday for check in.

This term we will be taking part in Challenged Based Learning. CBL is an engaging multidisciplinary approach to teaching and learning that encourages students to leverage the technology they use in their daily lives to solve real-world problems through efforts in their homes, schools and communities.

Our challenge for Term 4 is to “Increase understanding and awareness about Asylum Seekers”. You can view our challenge here-

Students will take on a number of roles including Project Manager, Documentarian, Media Specialist, Research Librarian, Product Manager, Social Media Manager and Public Relations Director to work in groups to research their guiding questions and come up with solutions to increasing understanding and awareness about asylum seekers. 

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Looking forward to a great term! 

What are you looking forward to most about Term 4?


  1. Hi 5/6!
    Your subjects sound very interesting and fun! I wish I was there! :'( Well in my school im learning about 'extreme enviroments and survival' interesting huh?

    What I am looking forward about Term 4 is the the end... yeah??? Agree? YOU COULD GO TO BRICKWOOD PARK AND MAYBE YOU GUYS COULD MEET ME THERE! FUN RIGHT??? :D

    Goodbye, cath you guys later!
    Waves from Hanis

  2. Hello, miss spink,

    I am having a lot of fun with all of our subjects in class I am really enjoying Inquiry and writing.I am looking forward to moving fro primary to high school.

    sincerly, Tatenda ACPS

    1. To Tatenda
      I am looking forward to writing as well but i am also looking forward to Maths.,

      From Sheree and Monifah

  3. Dear 5/6
    Our subjects seem awsome. The thing I am looking foward to in term 3 is 3 to 6 sport. I Can't wait untill it 's my turn to play basketball, right now it is my turn to play cricket.

    Kind regards Campbell

  4. Dear Miss Spink,

    I am enjoying CBL because it is something different and lot's of fun activities to do and make.

    The most exciting thing that I am looking forward to do this term is cooking our food with our partner in CBL and ofcourse CAMP!!!!!.

    Regards Chelsea

  5. Dear Miss Spink,

    The first thing that i'm looking forward to this term is video recording ourselves cooking with our partner, The secend most exciting thing that i'm looking forward to this term is School camp,

    Sincerely Elysse.

  6. Hi Miss Spink,

    The subjects that we are going to learn about this term sounds AWESOME.

    And I am looking forward to cooking, it is so exciting EXCITING!!!!!! I can not wait I feel like I am going to EXPLODE,people wil be cooking brownies,cupcakes,pizza and many more desserts also dinner types of food.I am 100 percent that you are going to teach us really good things on the subjects that we are going to learn,ALSO YOU ARE THE BEST TEACHER EVER!!!!!! thank you for teaching us heaps of work from every subject.(YOU ARE CREATIVE)

    From Sevgi :D :D :D

  7. Dear Miss Spink,

    This term I am looking forward to CBL because its something we never knew about.

    The most exciting thing is cooking with our partner and filming ourselves.

    Regards Fatat

    1. To Fatat
      We are also very excited about CBL because we are learning about Asylum Seekers.

      From Monifah and Sheree

  8. Hi Miss Spink,

    This term is very exciting because camp is coming. My favourite subject is CBL (procedure cooking) because you get to cook and you work with a partner. Im looking forward to the BTN prize.

    Regards Ayla

  9. Hi Miss Spink,

    The first thing I am looking forward to is cooking with our partner, and the second thing is doing CBL it seems pretty awesome and the third thing is sports.

    Regards Esraa 5/6.A

  10. Hello Miss Spink,
    Makeelly and Celine here.

    There are a couple of things Celine and Myself are looking forward to in this last term of school for 2012. The top three things we are going to enjoy about this term are:
    3. Enjoying and learning new and interesting things in class
    2. Our entire school concert
    3. 3,4,5,6 SCHOOL CAMP :)
    Thanks for taking the time to read this.
    From Makeelly and Celine.

  11. Dear 5/6

    Cheuk and I and really look forward to the end of this term because I am going to high school next year and Cheuk is going to be a grade 6.

    From Vishal and Cheuk

  12. Dear Miss Spink,
    Sheree- I am looking forward to Writing poems and all the things we are doing like cooking.
    Monifah- I am really looking forward to homework and CBL because I would really like to learn about Asylum Seekers.

    From Monifah and Sheree
    ACPS 5/6a

  13. Hello Miss Spink,

    What I'm looking for this year is to finish our cooking chalenge and get to grade 6.

    Regards Duarte

    1. To Duarte
      I am looking forward to doing the Ripple Cake in the Group.

      From Monifah and Sheree

  14. Dear 5/6,
    I am most looking forward to finish our cooking and for the term to end because i am finally going to be a grade 6.

    From Can 5/6 A

  15. Dear Miss Spink
    I am really excited about 3 things.ex:- Firstly I like the cooking show,secoandly I like CBL and thirdly I liked the Inter School Sport.

    From Jatin

  16. Hi Miss Spink,

    I really enjoyed this year and I want it to go on forever, but sadly, I have to leave and continue life in a new society.
    High School. Niether way, I'll always miss you guys here.
    Alright, lets get to the point here, the thing I'm mostly looking forward to this term is going to camp with my friends, and graduating from Primary to High School.


  17. Dear Miss Spink,

    I would like to do Literacy Planet most with my friends because I don't have Literacy Planet account but I have done and learned Literacy Planet with Duarte because one day I was doing Literacy Planet with him and if I can do it again with my other friends that have a account on Literacy Planet or I can make my own account on Literacy Planet I would alot of Thanks Full to you.

    By Jatin 5/6 A