Monday, July 23, 2012

Term 3

Welcome to Term 3!

What a start to Term 3! So far this term we have started Glogging, continued Blogging, are participating in a Virtual Exchange Student program and a Virtual Olympics! It is sure to be a very busy term.

Meet Andrea- our Virtual Exchange Student from Colegio Del Sol in Paraguay. We will be participating online in activities to learn about her school, country, culture and life. Kyla from our grade has been sent to Andrea’s class so they can learn about us!
Keep updated with the Virtual Exchange Program here-


In Reading, we will continue to develop a deep understanding of reading skills based on the CAFE reading model- Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Extended Vocabulary. We will be focusing on activating our prior knowledge and schema, making and supporting our predictions, extending our ability to make inferences and increasing our understanding of new and interesting words in texts. 

In writing, we will continue to use our VOICES menu to develop our understanding and knowledge of the six traits of writing- Voice, Organisation, Ideas, Conventions, Excellent Word Choice and Sentence Fluency.

Students will continue to work in small groups and participate in teacher conferences to work on individual writing goals based on the VOICES menu.

Maths this term will be very busy with students learning about patterns, number sequences and being introduced to algebra.

Students will also focus on volume and capacity, converting units, 3D Shapes, surface area, angles, fractions, decimals and percentages and chance and probability.

This is our Maths Menu that we have recently started.

Our Inquiry topic for Term 3 is ‘How Do Living Things Work?’. Students will investigate and compare functioning systems in animals and plants, in particular digestive, circulatory, respiratory, nervous, skeletal and muscular systems. They will investigate how systems operate; for example, the human body as a large system consisting of smaller separate systems working together, and life cycles as systems for survival. 

Our learning for 'How Do Living Things Work?' will be documented on the following website-

It is a requirement that students are reading at home every week night. We ask that readers are returned to school every Wednesday and Friday SIGNED by a parent.

Homework has been placed on our website again this term. 
Students are required to bring their homework in EVERY Friday for check in. 

What are you looking forward to most this term? 


  1. Hello Miss Spink
    The thing I am looking forward is to reading and writing so I can inprove in everything I do in them both.

    What are you looking forward to?

    From Monifah

  2. Dear Miss Spink,
    I am mostly looking forward to our excursion to Imax and the Melbourne Museum because last time i went i had a lot of fun..
    Sincerely Can A.C.P.S

  3. Hello Miss Spink,

    This term I'm looking at gettting better in my english and arts. What I enjoy at this school is doing homework and maths.

    Regards Duarte

  4. Hi Miss Spink,

    What I am looking forward to doing this term is basicly anything to do with Art, Maths, Inquiry, Reading, Homework, Special Fun Days and getting to see you everyday.
    Hopefully, we will achieve in behaviour to be able to go on future excursions. Maybe.



  5. Hi everyone,
    This term I am looking forward to going to camp the most. I am also looking forward to learning about the body system. I hope we don't get alot more homework this term. :)

    Makeelly ACPS 56A

  6. Hello everyone,
    This term I am looking forward to learning. My name is Sarah and this term I want to meet a dragon that says "Hello Sarah." I like to read dragon books and I read alot. I am looking forward to reading alot in term 3. I know how to sing my alphabet and i would like to know how to sing many other songs. I read quite goood but I still want to learn how to say all the big words.

    Thank you

  7. Hi Miss Spink
    I am looking forward to writing and reading because so I can get better at what I can do. I think I am getting better at maths and spelling.

    Hi Miss Spink
    imm looking forward to reading and writing because i would like to get better.

    From Monifah and Sheree

  8. Dear Miss Spink

    Esraa and I are looking forward to Buddy Day and the party celebration for the 1000 visitors on our class blog if we reach that many visitors!

    Regards Chelsea and Esraa