Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mcdonalds is junk food and should be banned!

This term we have been learning about writing persausive texts. This week we have been concentrating on planning our arguments and writing a convincing opening statement.

An opening statement must get the readers attention and is where you state your opinion on the topic.

Our topic this week is- 'McDonalds is junk food and should be banned'.

Today we rewrote our opening statements from yesterday to make them more convincing and interesting!

Here is Makeelly's original statement-
And here is today's effort-
Which one do you think is more convincing and gets the readers attention?

Here are some other examples of opening statements by Campbell and Mustafa-

We hope you are persauded to read more!

Why is an opening statement important?

What is some language devices or sentence starters you could use in an opening statement?


  1. Dear Miss Spink,

    Mc donalds should be band because you waste your money on junk food and then you will have to pay for your medicne which also costs alot of money.

    An opening statement is important so you can tell your opinion to others then you could have a dabate about each others opinions!

    from ramzy 456 aitken creek primary school....

    1. Dear Ramzy

      I really agree that people are just wasting money on junk food. People are geting sick from McDonalds they do not have enough money for sick people.

      From Stavro 5-6

  2. Dear Miss Spink and Classmates,

    I am loving writing plans and all that kind of things like McDonalds is junk food and should be banned.All the topics you have are great ideas and I am just loving them.

    An open steatment is important because we are trying to get the reader interested.

    We could start off with I belive and things like that.

    By Monifah

  3. Dear ACPS

    I reckon that the second sentence was the best because it gave a reason why McDonald's should be banned. I kind of agree with you but instead of banning McDonald's maybe you should use that it’s sign is recognised worldwide.

    I reckon that they should promote healthy options like Subway does because loads of people are overweight and are dying from diabetes.

    From your blogging buddy in New Zealand

    Room 24, Taradale Intermediate

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  5. Dear aitken creek ps

    I reckon why mcdonalds is junk food you eat furit and vegtables mcdonalds is not ok to eat.

    From Adison